Frame-able #1


This item will fit a standard 5" x 7" size photo frame horizontally. Print the page out. Take the cardboard backer out of the photo frame, center it over the text and trace around it with a pencil. Then use scissors to cut on the pencil lines.

Good enough for God

Your best is good enough for God.

    Today I will do my best. Although my best may not be good enough for some people, it is always good enough for God.

    My worth as a person does not depend on the approval of others. God says in his Word that I am precious to Him. God's love for me does not depend on my performance. He loves me because He is love, and because I am his adopted child.

    God's love is the love that lasts for all eternity. Ten trillion years from now I will still be Home with God, and He will still love me with His deep, abiding love. The love and approval of my friends and family may come and go, but God's love for me never changes.

    Today I will give my very best effort at my job. I will do my best to obey God's Commandments and to imitate his Son, Jesus Christ.

    That's all I can do. But that's good enough for God.

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