Purse poems


Print the page out. Then lay your driver's license or a credit card over the poem and trace around it with a pencil. Cut along the lines with scissors, then mount on thin cardboard cut from a cereal or cracker box or take it to a copy shop to have it laminated in plastic.

Purse poems to pick you up!

God thinks I am beautiful

When I feel disappointed
at what I see in my mirror,
I catch myself before I have
a chance to shed a tear.
No, I'm not a supermodel
in a fashion magazine,
but I possess a loveliness
that can't always be seen.
I am made in Jesus' image,
growing like him every day,
and what you see's just part of me,
a simple jar of clay.
For inside me is His wondrous love
that makes my spirit glow.
God thinks that I'm beautiful,
and that's all I need to know

Reminders of God's love.

Red reminders

I have a secret system
where I use the things I see
to remind me just how much
my Savior proved his love for me.
Stop lights, stop signs, tail lights,
and anything that's red,
serves as a reminder
of the blood that Jesus shed.
Every time that I see crimson then,
I say this silent prayer,
"Thank you for your love, dear Lord,
and heaven that we'll share."

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