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How to hear from God"
January 18, 2023

January 2023 Issue 202

The Bible for singles: How to hear from God

Deep down, every Christian wants to hear from God. We singles especially want him to speak to us about our exasperating lives.

He will. He does. You can hear from God if you read the Bible every day.

Right now I can imagine hundreds of you recoiling in dread, saying, "Oh, no, Jack, I don't have time, and besides, I tried reading it and I just can't understand it."

Well, buck up, fellow singleton, because this month's feature article resolves those two issues. No more excuses! Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to find the time to read the Bible every day
  • How to instantly understand what you've read
  • Which Bible translation is best
  • What you'll get out of daily reading
  • How to listen to God (really!)

If you already read the Bible every day, kudos on you. If you don't, this article will show you what you're missing. Look into the Bible for singles.

He speaks

"If only He would speak to us,"
the people always say.
"If only we could hear his voice,
yes, then we would obey."

"We saw it in the movies,
booming, clear and scary loud.
It echoed from a burning bush
or roared out from a cloud.

"There was lightning, peals of thunder.
That's the sound we want to hear.
A special effects miracle
to fill our hearts with fear."

But the miracle is not like that.
It's not like that at all.
He speaks if you will listen;
if you seek His quiet call.

He put his words in writing
for all the world to read.
Simple and eternal,
they can meet your deepest need.

His words of love are waiting;
He wants to talk with you.
Open up your Bible;
that's all you have to do.

~ Jack Zavada,, 2023 ~

Ready to try something different?

Okay, it's 2023, you're still single, and you're still hurting.

I know how that feels. That's why I wrote Hope for Hurting Singles. But I want you to understand something. This is a book of principles that will apply to your life, proven help for such problems as loneliness, depression, anger, anxiety, confusion, and emptiness.

Hope for Hurting Singles collects everything I tried over the past 50 years to cope with the challenges of being single.

Most of my attempts didn't work, but some did. Trial-and-error is time-consuming and frustrating, but you don't have to do that. You can learn from my experience, and that's the real worth of this book.

Ready to try something different? Then Hope for Hurting Singles is for you: $10.99 in paperback and $3.99 in Kindle version from

January QOTM: Wiersbe nails it

The single life can be a major source of discouragement. That's why I like January's Quote of the Month from pastor and writer Warren Wiersbe:

The remedy for discouragement is the Word of God. When you feed your heart and mind with its truth, you regain your perspective and find renewed strength.

~ Warren Wiersbe (1929 -2019) ~

While there are dozens of good reasons to read the Bible every day, using it as an antidote to discouragement is one of the most practical for single people. The certainty of God's love for you is revealed in His Word.

When you want to learn how much God loves you, read the Bible. When you want to be sure you're going to heaven, read the Bible. When you want to discover your purpose and meaning, read the Bible.

The Bible is God speaking directly and individually to you. Start reading the Bible every day and you'll be stunned at what He has to say.

Don't be bamboozled; this shouldn't be your goal

January's bo'nus article punctures one of the most widely held beliefs across the globe, but to get this newsletter past your computer's sp/am filter, I have to be vague about its subject. Most of the words I would use to describe it are sp/am trigger words.

Let me be clear: I traveled this wrong path for decades until my observations led me to a stark conclusion. If you want to avoid the same disillusionment, consider this.

How's your spiritual diet coming?

January means a flood of diet plan commercials on TV for people who overindulged during the holidays. This is also a good time for us singles to take stock of our spiritual diet.

What are you consuming? Is it leading you toward spiritual maturity or taking you in the wrong direction?

Do some hard thinking about your choices in music, movies, books, and web sites. Do you view por/nography? TV news commentators who encourage you to hate? Magazines that promote greed and materialism?

A healthy spiritual diet consists of attending church, reading the Bible, praying, and serving others. These activities, aided by the Holy Spirit, lead to your sanctification.

Be vigilant. Obeying God shows him you love him.

Too preachy, or about right?

As I write these newsletters, I try to avoid sounding preachy. Sometimes I worry that my tone approaches scolding, and I really don't want to do that.

We all remember lectures we got from our parents and teachers about doing the right thing. At the time, we felt they were too strict, but decades later we realized they were spot-on.

What do you think? Does anything you read here this month strike you as too harsh? Is the advice practical and on-target? I'd like to know. You can voice your opinion using our secure contact form. You don't have to give your name, if you prefer to remain anonymous.

That, single saint, is the January Inspire-O-Gram. Next month we celebrate (or not) Valentine's Day, loved by many, hated by more than a few.

Until then,

Jack Zavada
PS: Not a Christian? Find out how to become one!

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