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Issue #001, April 21, 2006

I know you're busy, so let's jump right into this first issue of Inspire-O-Gram, the official e-newsletter of

This issue focuses on change. Sometimes we want it, sometimes we don't. Many times we need it but keep tap-dancing out of its way.

Ha! Let's start off with a laugh to loosen up your "change muscles." Here's a goofy new poem I wrote about the changes in my own life:

Ain't that a fine howdy-do?

Never was much on looks
even when I was young.
Had a face like a guitar
that was too tightly strung.

Now my strings have done slipped,
I'll admit that it's true.
I make a prune look smooth--
Ain't that a fine howdy-do?

I'm a Boomer gone bust,
I done caught middle age.
My git up and go
left on the noon stage.

Went from geek to geezer.
The years really flew
Sorta skipped bein' handsome.
Ain't that a fine howdy-do?

Okay, so I'm not as young as I used to be--but who is?

We single folks often resist change. Just when life gets comfortable, someone or something seems to come along to mess things up.

What to do? What to do? Is there a secret to keep change from overwhelming you? I think there is, and you'll find it in this issue's main article:

How to adapt to change...

Does your change require a miracle? Here are some words of wisdom about just that:

Would you recognize a miracle...

This issue's inspirational quote also should get you thinking about whether your life is on the right track:

    All human beings, including you and me, give their lives to something. Between this day and your last day, you will give your life to something. The only question is, what will you give your life to? Will it be worthy?

    John Ortberg (If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat)

Finally, we end this issue with The Rut Disruptor, Inspire-O-Gram's exclusive tool for change. You may want to print these questions out, or copy them onto a 3" x 5" card:

    What one thing do I need to change in my life?

    Do I need someone's help to change this? If so, who?

    Am I really serious about making my life better?

    Will I get started on this change today?

That wraps up our first, inspiration-packed issue. Thanks for subscribing. You'll find plenty more good stuff back at the site.

Helping you thrive,

Jack Zavada