Can a book really make a difference?


You've heard it a hundred times before: Buy this product and it will change your life.

The book below, by itself, won't change anything.

You heard that right. Two other elements are needed: You and God. All the practical, proven advice in Hope for Hurting Singles won't do you a bit of good unless you, personally, put it to use. That takes effort and determination on your part.

But even after you do that, nothing is going to change you except God. We all make New Year's resolutions then forget them a month later. We all daydream about how we're going to reinvent ourselves but our old habits sabotage us at every turn.

Only God has the power to bring about real, lasting change in a person's life.

Hope for Hurting Singles can put you on the path to major God-caused change. It's where you start. It shows you how to get out of your own way and follow God's will for your life.

Read it and do nothing = same old, same old. Read it and follow God = a whole new you.

Jack Zavada


Hope for Hurting Singles: A Christian Guide to Overcoming Life's Challenges

(paperback book or Kindle edition)

Are you a single Christian? Is your life falling short of what you want it to be?

Then you need Hope for Hurting Singles, a step-by-step plan for true, lasting change. You'll learn how to tackle challenges like loneliness, depression, boredom, frustration, and fear.

Hope for Hurting Singles is different from anything you've ever read, because it was written by a Christian with 50 years' experience in the single life. It will speak to your heart like nothing ever has before.

Want proof? Read the entire first chapter on Loneliness, free, RIGHT HERE.

Hope for Hurting Singles is only $10.99 in paperback at


Kindle version only $3.99

That's $7 off the paperback price.

Outsmarting Loneliness

(ebook in Kindle edition only)

Rally your natural intelligence into your most powerful weapon against loneliness.

These four proven Principles will give you options you didn't know you had. You can control your thoughts, and this kindle ebook shows you how.

Outsmarting Loneliness is practical, clear, and effective!

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