Debt is modern day slavery

Debt chains you to your yesterdays

Has debt turned you into a slave? Do credit cards and other obligations have mastery over you?

That's a scary thought, isn't it? In one sense, slavery in the United States ended in 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. But in another sense, slavery is even more widespread today--slavery to debt.

Until you see your financial obligations as slavery, you won't make any effort to break free of them. Slavery chains you. It chains you to a duty to repay these liabilities before you can experience freedom. The more you owe, the more chains you have on, dragging you down. It's a constant source of worry hanging over your head, isn't it?

According to the web site Motley Fool, the average American is carrying $8,562 in credit card debt. Whew! That's a lot of chains!

Debt steals your tomorrows by
chaining you to your yesterdays.

It's beyond the scope of to help you overcome your credit card debt. However, you can find reputable personal finance counseling firms to help you turn your life around.

I want this article to motivate you to get started on eliminating your debt!

No, debt is not natural at all


Credit card companies are sneaky. They want to convince you that owing them is a natural, normal part of life. It's not!

Except for a car and a house, you should be able to make most other purchases in cash, instead of adding more obligations to your load. Impossible? Ridiculous? No, not at all.

You can do this, but it's going to take a major change in your thinking. When you start to see getting out from under as something wonderful, a tremendous gift you're giving to yourself, you'll take a giant leap forward.

We've gotten into the dangerous habit of seeing purchases as rewards to ourselves. But if those purchases are made on credit cards and we don't pay off our credit card bill as soon as we get it, then they're not a gift at all, but a curse. Too strong?

I hope you'll read the message about "anesthesia" purchases on the money page. It's especially relevant to us singles and may help you understand why you buy so much.

When will life feel good again?

Maybe you've heard the old joke about the man hitting himself in the head with a hammer. Another man asks him, "Why are you doing that?" The first man replies, "Because it feels so good when I stop."

Same thing with credit card bills. And when you manage to pay it all off, you'll feel so good that you'll never want to shackle on those chains again.

As a Christian, you're obligated by Jesus to love yourself, and to love others as you love yourself. If you wouldn't enslave another person, why would you do it to yourself?


You're better than that. You can do this! You owe it to God and you owe it to yourself to set yourself free. This is a slavery that only you can emancipate yourself from.

You have the courage to do this. You have the strength to say, "That's it! No more." Your trust in God--even if it's as small as a mustard seed--and help from a professional counselor can move your mountain of obligations.


Produces worry

Causes dependence

Restricts your choices

Puts your focus on lack

Lowers your self-esteem

Makes you a poor steward

Limits God's blessings for you


Relieves worry

Causes independence

Adds to your choices

Puts your focus on abundance

Raises your self-esteem

Makes you a wise steward

Increases God's blessings for you

The surprising reason behind it

Free from debt

Did you know that owing others money is a psychological problem as much as a financial problem?

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