Get the edge on the economy
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This economy is scary!

But How to Master Your Money, my new ebook, can help you take control of your personal finances.

If you have problems with debt, overspending, not saving enough, or lack of knowledge when it comes to cash, you'll want to get this common-sense guide to getting a grip on one of life's most important challenges.

This is no boring, tedious textbook! On the contrary, you'll discover things about yourself within these pages that will show you how to handle your paycheck smarter. You'll learn why you spend, how to save more, and which advertising you should listen to and which you should ignore.

    This is insider information the banks, credit card companies, and advertising agencies don't want you to know!

Learn valuable, money-saving strategies

Here are just a few of the money saving strategies you'll discover:

  • Why to avoid title loan companies like the plague (page 9);

  • The four-word sentence that gives you tremendous power (page 10);

  • The millionaires' astounding secret you can use now (page 13);

  • Why you can't afford to impress other people (page 17);

  • The surprising truth about financial advisers (page 23).

How to Master Your Money takes the real-world approach of helping you get more for the money you already have, while guiding you toward saving and investing so you have more in the future.

This two-step approach will take the fear out of finances and put you firmly in control. You'll have more confidence with your spending because you'll finally understand what's been motivating you.

Start using these principles today

The author of How to Master Your Money and the creator of this web site, I retired at age 51 to pursue a career and hobbies of my choosing. I did that through a careful system of saving, investing, and spending wisely.

I explain how you can apply these same simple solutions to your life as well. Master Your Money is written in a plain, conversational style, with no technical terms or complicated theories.

This is practical, down-to-earth information you can start using today to change your financial future.

What you'll gain from How to Master Your Money:

  • A new sense of freedom in your life;

  • A better realization of what you trade for every purchase you make;

  • A new confidence in your ability to control your spending;

  • A clear understanding of what money cannot do;

  • A mature attitude toward money and its place in your life.

No matter where you live, no matter what currency you're paid in, these financial strategies work. From dollars to Euros to yen to pesos and everything inbetween, this ebook will show you how to save more of them and how to get more purchasing power.

You'll get new insight into spending patterns you need to stop, and those you need to reinforce.

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If you've been hit hard by the economy, here's some good news about How to Master Your Money. This 40-page, compact manual is only $4.97! That's less than you'd pay for most magazines that you thumb through and forget.

Thanks to the ebook format, I can offer these life-changing secrets at this low, low price. You don't pay for expensive paper, printing, or shipping. You download it immediately after you pay and can start benefiting in minutes.

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10 Smartest Ways to
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If you're a single person with only one paycheck coming in, How to Master Your Money may be the smartest buy you make this year. It will point you toward habits that will mean thousands of dollars more for you over the course of your lifetime. That's no exaggeration, because I'm living proof!

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Only $4.97

The principles in How to Master Your Money will serve you well for the rest of your life. Order your copy today!

Jack Zavada, author of How to Master Your Money

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