How to find stress relief by taking a virtual vacation

Why a page about stress relief on an inspirational web site for singles?

Because we get stressed out, that's why!

It's not easy juggling a job, home life, hobby, the pressures of our society, and time with God, too. You already know that our culture places a great deal of hidden stress on single people.

Sometimes we deal with it better than others. One simple, calming way to cope is by taking a virtuall vacation. I call it "constructive daydreaming."

A virtual vacation can be an effective way to bust stress, overcome depression, and give you a fresh perspective on life. Long ago science proved that your state of mind can have a physical impact on your body.

But here's the good news: Your body responds to what your mind tells it, whether you're at the beach or sitting at your desk. If you can duplicate your relaxed state of mind wherever and whenever you want, you can transmit that beneficial stress relief to your body.

Ready? You're going to take a trip, but only in your mind. A mental vacation has several advantages:

No expense;

No packing needed;

No planes, trains,
or buses to catch;

No restriction on where you can go.

The real difference to getting stress relief from your imaginary trip is to dial up all five of your senses.

First, decide where you're "going." Then, close your eyes and picture yourself there. If it's a place you've never been before, you can jump-start your imagination by looking at photos or reading about the location.

Now that you're "there," use your sense of sight. What do you "see?" Breathtaking scenery? Fascinating local people? Eye-popping colors? The hustle-bustle of folks going about their normal business?

Now call on your sense of hearing. Are people chattering in their native language? Do you hear vehicle horns, passing traffic? Or what about the swish of waves against the beach or the rustle of the wind through the trees? The pop of a wine cork? Cheery music being played? To boost your sense of hearing, think of everything you "see", then add the sounds they make.

Now bring in your sense of smell. Do you catch the enticing aroma of exotic food cooking? The faint scent of trees or flowers? Incense? Perfume?

Now try your sense of touch. Do you feel smooth fabric? The hardness of concrete or a crunching dirt path under your feet as you walk around? The warm, firm pressure of someone's handshake? The coolness of silverware against your hand?

Finally, add your sense of taste. Is the food sweet? Spicy-hot? The drink cold and fruity on your tongue? Can you taste the yeasty sweetness of the pastry? Does the chocolate melt smoothly in your mouth, sending a sublime sensation of happiness and satisfaction to your mind?

A virtual vacation doesn't have to be long. Sometimes a few minutes is enough to get stress relief. Recalling a place that you've already been is easier, but "visiting" a new place can be full of surprises.

Take one of these mental trips on your coffee break. If you can't get to sleep at night, take an imaginary journey to relax yourself and stop worrying thoughts. The more sensory pleasures you can bring into play, the more effective your stress relief will be.

It takes a bit of practice, but you'll soon find that whenever you're having a pleasurable experience, you can take mental snapshots of every sensory aspect of it, so you can visit it again and again. Learn to expand your attention to the tiniest details. Make the most of all your senses. This is the key to effective stress relief through this simple exercise.

Bon voyage!

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