Jesus: Single man on a single mission

Jesus Christ is the focal point of this site for single people, a fact that I state without shame or embarrassment.

This site has a global reach.  Every month, singles visit from more than 150 countries.  I know that many of them--in fact most--are not Christians.

If you are not of the Christian faith, Jesus of Nazareth deserves your serious consideration.  You'll find plenty of information here, and at to educate you on what it's all about.

Jesus was a single man

During his mission on earth, Jesus was a single man. Despite popular books and movies which state that he was married, the Bible makes no mention of such a claim. As the inspired word of God, the Bible is the ultimate authority on him.

It's good news for you and me that Jesus was single. He knows, from his human experience, about the loneliness, rejection, and judgment we have to endure in the single life. He has firsthand experience of what you are going through.

Things haven't changed much with the human condition over the past 2,000 years. You and I still want to experience the joy of marriage and a family. Human motives remain the same. We still encounter difficult people driven by greed, jealousy, and pettiness. Jesus had to deal with them, and he gives us help in our struggles.

My search for the truth led to Jesus does not present him as a guru, wise teacher or philosopher. He was and is the Son of God. By his sacrificial death on the cross, he offers forgiveness of sins and eternal life for those who believe in him.

My life's search for the truth led me to Jesus. His impact on my life holds me as one of his followers.

If you're Christian, I don't need to explain further to you. If you are not Christian, I ask you to keep an open mind as you explore this site.

Below are the links to more articles on Jesus. We're looking at him in new, unique ways. He is not only the single person's best friend, but our Lord and Savior as well.

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