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At this point we have more than 340 pages up, and we're adding new ones all the time. We try to cover a broad spectrum of issues important to single people, and while we don't do dating (I'd be married if I were an expert on that, eh?), we endeavor to look at the emotional side of the single life.

So if there's a topic you'd like us to write about that you don't see on the site, always feel free to drop us an email!

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Inspiration for singles takes you from just surviving--to thriving!

Inspiring quotes--with a difference!

Inspirational poems to renew your spirit

Loneliness can't be eliminated, but you can work to lessen its effects

Christian men face an especially tough battle in life

Discouragement doesn't have to take control of your life

Is shyness a problem you can overcome?

Anger: Are you frustrated and mad at God because you're still single?

Debt is modern day slavery

What others think should not be the driving force in your life

How to find stress relief by taking a mental vacation

How to beat fear and replace it with God's peace and protection

Disabled? Learn how to build a happy life in spite of it

Encouragement: A personal letter to you

Achieving your goals is easier if you use this age-old secret

Find self-esteem that lasts, no matter what happens

Peace of mind is achievable--with God

What's your purpose on this planet?

Why singles need joy and peace instead of happiness

Jack's ebooks for singles

Spiritual growth is a lifelong process

Does prayer require a secret formula to get through to God?

If your faith feels weak, it's time to change your focus

Doubts can actually lead you into a stronger relationship with God

Fresh, new ways of looking at Jesus

Free stuff we hope you'll like

Inspiration Cafeteria lets you choose your favorites!

Jack's truths for thriving as a single

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