Go to church and see what God will do in your life


Do you go to church regularly?

God says weekly church attendance is so important he made it his Fourth Commandment:

Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. (Exodus 20:8)

For single people, attending church takes you out of your isolation. When you worship God with others, you remember you're part of something bigger, something with eternal meaning. It helps put your personal problems in perspective.

Most of us don't read the Bible as much as we should. In church you hear it read. God's Word gets in your mind and does its supernatural, transforming work. What's more, the sermon will help you apply the Bible to your life.

Getting ready, putting on your church clothes, and making the drive can be a hassle, but remember all that God has graced you with. Your salvation alone is enough to make you want to dance!  Whether your life is coasting along, relatively problem-free, or whether you're struggling with crushing problems, you owe it to God--and to yourself--to go to church.

Jesus: regular churchgoer

Jesus set an example for us in everything. He was a devout Jew. Throughout the Gospels, we see many instances of his worshipping in the temple in Jerusalem or in local synagogue services. He flawlessly obeyed all of God's commandments, even that of Sabbath worship.

church doors

Jesus was God then and is God now, but he used worship services to give thanks and praise to his heavenly Father.

When Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (Mk 2:27), he was not giving us an excuse to skip church services when we don't feel like it. Rather, he was telling the Pharisees that the Sabbath should not be encumbered by burdensome laws, but was given to man as a privilege, an opportunity to worship God.

Today, unlike in ancient Israel, many of us have to work on Sunday.  We don't have a choice.

My Dad often had to work on Sunday, but he always made sure he attended church either after the night shift (when he was exhausted, especially in the hottest days of summer) or in the morning before going to work. He understood the importance of regular church attendance. 

What church will do for you

Let me tell you what worship in church will do for you:

  • It reminds you who God is and who you are in relation to him.
  • It puts your problems in proper perspective.
  • It shows Jesus' sacrifice and God's great love for you.
  • It gives you the privilege of supporting God's work through your offering.
  • It refreshes your heart through hearing his Word read.
  • It encourages you through a Bible-centered sermon.
  • It gives you fellowship with other believers.
  • It fills you with strength to face another week.

Many singles like to sleep in on Sunday morning, watch TV, or go shopping. I'm old enough to remember when stores were closed on Sunday. You either bought what you needed on Saturday or you went without until Monday.

Today, lots of people pursue shopping as if it's their religion. I'm not saying it's wrong to shop on Sunday. Just do it after you've met your church obligation. And it is an obligation. It's an obligation for us to give God our time and some of our money so his work can prosper.

Here's what matters in a church

worship service

Many people like to wear their finest clothes to church. But some men feel uncomfortable in a suit and necktie, and some women don't want to get into a dress for church.

You should go to church where you are accepted no matter what you wear. Certainly there are common sense rules of propriety and cleanliness--you are in the house of God--but church should not be a fashion contest. God is the focus, not stylish duds!

If your church service does not including readings from the Bible, and especially the Gospels, there's something wrong. The Bible is the heart of Christianity. It is God's infallible word that teaches us how to live.

No matter what the music's like, whether there are plays or even skits, worship service must center around Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and deserves our worship.

Forget about excuses; go to church

When you get to heaven, if Jesus asks you why you didn't care enough about him to go to church, what are you going to tell him? No excuse will make any sense then.

We owe God thanks for all our material blessings but especially for our salvation.

When you go to church, it's a splendid way to show God that you love and appreciate him.

You can never pay God back for all he has given you. But you can join your prayers with those of others to show him how much you care.

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