Jesus the supermodel:
a life worth imitating

Jesus the supermodel. Does the phrase sound blasphemous? Disrespectful?

If you consider the dictionary definition of model: "a person or thing considered as a standard of excellence to be imitated," then Jesus Christ is not only a model, he's a supermodel.

But Jesus didn't model a style or look for us to aspire to. Instead, he showed us what true godly character looks like. He lived a life that every serious Christian should long to imitate.

Amid scandals in professional sports, television, movies, and even with religious leaders, we've lost our faith in role models. Most of them turn out to have feet of clay--sometimes even calves and thighs of clay. They turn out to be hypocrites.

But Christ is the perfect role model. He never disappoints.

We don't really know what Jesus the man looked like. Over the centuries, we have artists' conceptions of his face.

But we know exactly what he said and how he acted. He mouthed no shallow platitudes, but gave us the pure truth about living a worthwhile life and how to get into heaven.

Wispy, anorexic supermodels come and go, but the Son of God is not a passing fad. His bold statement, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6) is the greatest challenge ever made to mankind. No one else could, or ever will be able to make that claim.

Jesus the supermodel is not about selling some worthless product, but about the most important decision you will ever make.

Will you accept the salvation he offers you? And if you do, will you have the courage to imitate his life? That may seem an impossible task, but the Holy Spirit is constantly available to help.

Don't worry about falling short of some artificial standard for beauty. When you accept Christ as your savior, your soul has started your journey to perfection in him.

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