What's your purpose in life?

The explosive popularity of Rick Warren's book The Purpose-Driven Life was not a fluke. With over 20 million copies sold (and still counting), this book was a godsend to people all over the world.

As a single person, you may often feel that you're floundering, that your life doesn't have any real direction. Maybe you had goals at some point but were unable to achieve them, so now you feel as if you're drifting and directionless. Married people want to make their marriage stronger, their family happier and more secure. But what about us singles?

If you're a Christian, you can be absolutely certain that God does have a plan for your life. Everybody wants to know the future. We all want to know God's plan or will for us. But in his wisdom, God chooses not to share our future with us. So is there anything you can do to learn and fulfill your purpose?

Starting from a strange place

Strangely, the place to start is the Ten Commandments. Many people feel restricted or threatened by the Ten Commandments, but they're viewing them from a negative perspective. If you understand that the Commandments are positive and for your protection, you'll not only find it easier to obey them, but you'll also appreciate them for what they really are: God's gift to keep you out of trouble.

We all want to avoid trouble. Trouble can come in the form of job loss, sickness, broken relationships, debt, anxiety, or frustration. The Ten Commandments can help you avoid many of those problems. Staying sexually pure can help you avoid AIDS and STDs. Being honest or not stealing can keep you from being fired or getting arrested. Worshipping God as your god, instead of worshipping material things, can keep you out of debt. But what does all this have to do with your purpose in life?

First, when you accept the truth that your actions have consequences, you begin to control your future. That's a breathtaking concept, isn't it? Of course, bad things still do happen to good people, and your life will never be completely smooth sailing, but you will be able to prevent a lot of future problems by what you do or don't do today. That's where the Ten Commandments come in.

How to get more of what you want

Okay, now that you've taken a giant step to eliminate negatives from your life, how do you add positives? That is, how do you get more of the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled?

Follow the example of Jesus.

Jesus Christ, the only perfect human being, showed us how to live a worthwhile life. Nothing dominated his time on earth more than helping and serving people. When we think of the people we admire the most, are they someone like Mother Teresa, who lived to serve others, or a selfish, greedy movie star who lives only for herself?

We can't all be Mother Teresa, but we can love others (as Jesus commanded us) by helping them. Opportunities to help and serve people are all around you. As you grasp this truth, you will see ways that you can be Jesus for others. You can let him use you to do his work in the world.

Discovering your purpose

As a single person, you don't need to drift any more. Once you commit yourself to helping other people, God will open your eyes and heart to their needs. We all think that discovering our purpose in life will be like a lightbulb going on, suddenly making everything clear.

But it's more like the sunrise, gradually illuminating this and that so we can recognize things for what they really are. As you obey God, love yourself, and love and help others, God will give you more understanding and insight into what he wants you to do.

You don't have to accomplish something spectacular to fulfill your purpose in life. You only need to let God use you, for his purpose, right where you are.

How to see life more clearly

It's hard to cut through the fog. Voices shout at us from every direction: "Be successful!" "Earn lots of money!" "Be famous!" "Fake it 'til you make it!"

But true success isn't about money and fame. And you don't need to let other people smash you into the mold of what they want you to become.

Single & Sure, my big ebook for single people, will help you see clearly. You'll avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes. You'll be sure of what's important and what's not. It's a handbook of all the lessons I've learned over the past 40 years on how to build a truly happy and rewarding life.

What's more, it comes with a money back guarantee. For only $9.97, you'll leap years ahead in maturity. You gain from my experiences so you don't have to repeat them yourself.

Stop struggling. Get a handle on what really matters. Check out the contents of Single & Sure.

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