We're not smarter than God because we live in a technologically advanced world

The illusion that we're smarter than God colors many people's lives. Singles in their 20s and 30s, raised in the computer age, may consider God hopelessly primitive.

When you bring this concept into the open, it sounds silly, yet many of us operate under the premise that we've advanced beyond the idea of a Supreme Being.

The main fault with that logic is that God is not an idea. Atheists may argue that, but their logic is weak, especially in light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They'd like to dismiss the Bible as a pack of ancient Jewish myths, but it has been proven to be historically accurate and more reliable than any work of ancient literature.

Maybe we secretly want to toss out God because that means tossing out his rules. Then we can do whatever we want, with no consequences.

Smarter than God: Do gadgets prove it?

The personal computer is an astonishing device. The iPhone may be even more impressive. But do these advances make us smarter than God? Because mankind can create these scientific marvels, does that mean our intelligence is increasing at a terrific pace?

Sadly, no. I don't need to tell you that we have even more anger, depression, fear, and evil now than at any time in history. Despite all our technology, our emotional lives are more messed up now than ever.

Stress is wrecking our health, and we're such "geniuses" that we still believe drugs and alcohol can solve our problems. That's smart?

Our gadgets can do astounding things, but they're incapable of addressing the deepest problems of the human heart.

Smarter than God: Does 'sophistication' prove it?

We're hypnotized by celebrities. We can't get enough news about them. We hang on their every word, follow their careers and gobble up every video clip of their smiling, confident faces.

They seem so together, so sophisticated. They wear beautiful clothes and always look stunning. Until they melt down. When a celebrity gets arrested or commits suicide, the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder why. Suddenly they don't seem smarter than God.

Not that most people get the message. They simply shrug and latch onto a different celebrity. In a few months the incident is forgotten. If fame is fleeting in our society, so are lessons.

The beautiful people lifestyle may convince some that doing whatever you please is the ultimate in life, but many celebrities live hollow, tortured lives. It isn't so cool being turned into a product instead of a person. The late Elvis Presley said he would have given a million dollars for one hour's worth of peace and quiet.

Smarter than God: Too shallow to think?

The fast-paced life has one advantage: It doesn't give you time to think. You're so busy rushing around, trying to meet this and that commitment, filling your social needs and trying to have fun that you never stop to question things. You don't even realize how shallow you are.

Then, if you're lucky, tragedy happens. You lose your job, get in a car accident, or become seriously ill. You're jerked to a stop and forced to re-evaluate.

Look, if you're read this far, something isn't working in your life. You want to change that. The first step is to be humble and intelligent enough to recognize that there is a God.

And you're not it.

If you can admit that, the fun begins. Then you start pursuing God and you find that he's chasing after you, too. This is the most exciting adventure in life.

This web site is only the start. There's a ton of information out there, but you can start with a good study Bible. I recommend the Life Application Study Bible. But any Bible will get you started.

A brilliant scientist may be smart, but not necessarily wise. A wise person seeks God above all things. That is the path to the true happiness you're after.

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