Achieving your goals is easier if you use this secret dating back to the pyramids

As a single person, have you been frustrated at achieving your goals? Have too many defeats and disappointments caused you to give up?

Then you should know that a very simple secret can help you in achieving your goals. This proven method has worked for thousands of years. Does the photo of the bricklayer give you a hint?

It's so simple that it sounds like a cliche. But the truth is that every human achievement uses this principle:

Mile by mile, life's a trial.
Yard by yard, life is hard.
But inch by inch, life's a cinch!

We're not sure who came up with that little poem. It's been attributed to everyone from Lao Tzu to Napoleon Hill. Like a bricklayer putting up a building one brick at a time, you can use this truth to tackle any goal you set.

As the author of four published novels, I can tell you that I wrote each one of them one word, one paragraph, one page at a time. At the beginning, it seemed an impossible task to produce a 300-page manuscript. But when I grasped that I didn't have to do it all at once, in one sitting, it became a matter of setting a daily, achievable quota, then sticking to it.

When we're young, we come out of high school or college with lots of noble, high-minded goals. But it doesn't take long to get knocked down. And after being knocked down time and time again, we develop the attitude of: "What's the use? Why even try?"

Worthwhile things take time

Often the problem in accomplishing your desires is not with the size of your goals but how you try to achieve them. Ours is an instant gratification culture. We want everything right now. We don't want to wait. And something that will take years? Forget about it!

But the most worthwhile things in life do take time. A college education takes at least four years--longer if you go part-time. Starting and running a successful business takes time also.

When I began this web site, I felt overwhelmed with all I had to learn and do. But every day I did a little. And it built up, one achievable goal on top of another. Along the way I've had some setbacks, but I calmed down, asked for help and got it. Usually I understood what I had done wrong when I broke the task down and analyzed it bit by bit.

Now inspiration-for-singles has 350 pages up!

Achieving your goals is harder for a single

Achieving your goals can be hard for a single person because we don't always have someone to help us up, dust us off, and encourage us to try again. Sometimes the pain of a setback is so intense that we swear we'll never go through it again.

But the ability to come back from rejection goes hand-in-hand with breaking our goals down into small, doable tasks.

I hope that in one way, can serve as a cheerleader and encourager for you in achieving your goals. You may think you've broken your goal down into small enough chunks, but maybe you need to go even smaller--and master that--before you can succeed.

Help is always available

If achieving your goals has turned into a frustrating, torturous experience for you, then you need to find someone who has already done what you're trying to do.

If you can't find a book or web site on the subject, sometimes you can track down a person you can ask. You can send an email, letter, or perhaps even talk with the person on the phone. If they'll meet you in person, even better.

You'll be surprised how kind and gracious people can be when you ask for help in achieving your goals. They remember the hurts and letdowns in their own struggle. They see themselves in you and are pleased to give you a hand.

Tiny enough yet?

Achieving your goals should feel exhilarating. It should make you eager to get up in the morning. If it doesn't, you need to break your goals down into even tinier parts. You're still trying to do things by yards instead of inches.

But every accomplishment, no matter how small, gives you confidence to tackle the next goal. Like a bricklayer, you're stacking one element on top of another. And when you look back on how far you've come, you'll realize that achieving your goals is not only possible--it's inevitable!

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