Singles are especially vulnerable to suffering from the monotony of life

One of the hazards of being a single person is being discouraged by the monotony of life.

We tend to develop our own little routine. It make us feel safe and secure. It adds predictability to our lives, which decreases stress.

The problem, however, is that after months or years of these routines, life takes on a dull, gray sameness. We feel safe but bored.

Still, getting out of the routine and adding some excitement may be harder than you expect.  Every time we step outside our comfort zone, we experience anxiety.  It can be scary to try something new.

Can you break free of the monotony of life?

We tend to react in one of two ways. Either we feel depressed and hopeless, or we feel driven to do something--anything--to break the cycle.

That's where many singles get into trouble. They don't look to the consequences of their spur-of-the-moment whims.

Turning to things like drugs, alcohol, affairs, and even shopping sprees to break the routine can result in even more problems. If we realize that we will have to clean up our own mess afterwards, it forces us to use some common sense.

We need a way to break this monotony of life without causing one of those expensive messes. A new outlook is the answer.

Looking down the road will wake you up

The best motivator for breaking the monotony of life is to ask yourself, "If I continue doing all the things I'm doing today, where will I be in five or ten or twenty years from now?"

The answer can be frightening, so scary that it jars you into making some changes. Change can provoke fear, but if we never try anything new, we risk growing stale. Our life shrinks or grows depending on how much we're willing to step out.

Climbing out of your rut will require faith in God. God has provided many wonderful experiences for you to enjoy. Life is too rich to fear trying something new.

Start small in making changes

Start small. Begin with things like food. Instead of eating the same things all the time, experiment with some new dishes. Try a different route when driving to a familiar place. Read something besides your favorite authors or genres.

Break your daily, unconscious routine by experimenting with something different, no matter how tame it may seem. The important thing is to start.

Then move into something really important: your prayers. Most of us thank God for the same things all the time, ask for the same things all the time, and even use the same words all the time in our prayers.

If you say your bedtime prayers on your knees, try them while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Step out by asking God to use you in his work. Now there's a risky prayer!

Pray for somebody you can't stand. Ask God to help you understand that person better so you can appreciate their point of view.

Ask God for courage. Ask him to provide you with opportunities to grow. And when you do something new, be sure to congratulate yourself on your progress.

Be patient if progress is slow

Each of us is different. If you truly want to overcome the monotony of life, you can do it, by keeping an optimistic attitude and relying on God's support.

You may be scared. You may retreat to your routines if a new choice doesn't work. Be patient with yourself, acknowledging that introducing even a few new experiences is a victory for you. Small victories lead to bigger ones until you're showing a confidence and boldness you never knew you had.

When you see that the monotony of life is a self-made dilemma, you'll also realize that you have the power to change it.

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