Jack's truths for thriving as a single:

Truth lessons

What does this hand mean when you see it on inspiration-for-singles.com?

These are Jack's truths that I've learned over the years, and most of them were hammered into my thick little noggin through trial and error. Lots of errors.

At first glance they may seem ridiculously simple--but the truth often is.

The best part for you is that you can gather these pearls of wisdom for your own life, without beating your head against a wall, like I did.

My pain, your gain. Such a deal!

So when you see this symbol, take note. This is something that will help you thrive in the often exasperating world of being a single person!

  • Your runaway thoughts only have as much power
    as you are willing to give them.

  • Our feelings can't always be trusted, but God can.

  • Prayer is talking with God.

  • A Christian's guarantee of eternal life makes the lottery
    look like chump change.

  • God will not be rushed.

  • If you're a believer, you can always be grateful for
    God's love and protection.

  • Most people are extremely self-centered.

  • I have never regretted following God.

  • Good things happen to you every day
    if you start expecting them.

  • There is no money in heaven. None. Not one cent.

  • Debt steals your tomorrows by chaining you to your yesterdays.

  • Don't trust your employer for your retirement.
    Don't trust the government for your retirement.

  • Everyone is putting on a front.

  • The human mind is only capable of thinking
    about one thing at a time.

  • We always underestimate God's love and compassion for us.

  • An apology can never erase the effect of hurtful words.

  • To get more of the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled, follow the example of Jesus.

  • Entrusting your grudges to God is a matter of survival.

  • Don't limit your lifelong learning to surfing the Internet!

  • To become more like Jesus, I have to become less like me.

  • No matter what happens, God is always for me.

  • Cynicism makes you unattractive to the opposite sex.

  • Our self-confidence and adequacy must come from only one source: an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Life's lamest excuse is saying, "That's just the way I am."

  • One of the most considerate things we can do for another person is to be realistic in what we expect from them.

  • The more of your troubles you give to God, the calmer your mind will become.

  • You can only do your best. You can't do more than that.

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