Intimacy with Jesus will bring greater fulfillment to your life

When the subject of intimacy with Jesus comes up, many Christians get uncomfortable, especially men.

It's a worn-out cliche that men are afraid of intimacy, but that's not true. Men don't articulate their feelings as well as women, so naturally they feel ill-at-ease in such situations.

If I were to describe my own relationship with Jesus, I'd say that first, of course, he is my Savior and Redeemer, but I'd also call him my best friend, my brother, and my mentor. I firmly believe he doesn't want an arm's-length relationship with any of his followers, men or women.

He wants us to love him with our whole heart. Since he knows us better than we know ourselves, he knows that will take time.

Trust me once,
trust me always?

Sadly, each of us has been betrayed by people. We don't want that to happen again, so we become cautious with everyone, even Jesus.

Jesus can pull us out of a jam a dozen times, yet we don't believe he'll do it again this time. It sounds too good to be true. People have let us down, so we assume Jesus will act the same way.

But he won't. Sometimes we don't agree with the way he solves our problems, but that doesn't mean he has let us down.

If we can trust him with our salvation--our eternal destiny--why can't we trust him with our everyday life?

Building intimacy, one day at a time

Trust is crucial to intimacy with Jesus. He asks us to trust him. When we do, we're rewarded with the fulfillment of his promises.

When we don't, we're left to our own devices, which are usually not very effective. Ultimately, trust is not something you can test. You have to either do it or not do it.

Every day, as we trust Jesus to guide us through the Holy Spirit, our intimacy with him builds. We feel more and more comfortable in this Great Adventure. Like Moses, we experience a God who is faithful to his people.

Not just telling, but listening too

You wouldn't expect to develop an intimate relationship with another person if you did all the talking, would you? Why should it be any different with God?

One of the best ways we can listen to God is through his Word, the Bible. If you have the right kind of Bible, a study Bible, you'll find it easy to understand and apply to your day-by-day life.

The more you read the Bible, the better you know the mind of God. Jesus reveals his ways and his Father's ways through this holy book. Many people who read the Bible for the first time discover that God is much kinder, gentler, and compassionate than they thought.

Time alone is vital

An intimate relationship is a one-on-one relationship, with no distractions. To build intimacy with Jesus, you must spend time alone with him. You have to want it enough to stop all the noise.

If you expect visions or an audible voice, you'll be disappointed. But if you expect a real, definite sense of God's presence, you'll be overjoyed because that's exactly what you'll get!

Reading the Bible and reflecting on it counts as time spent alone with Jesus. The Holy Spirit will direct your reading and give you the insights he wants you to have.

Of course you are allowed to talk; that's what prayer is all about. When you're able to move beyond the "gimme-gimme" stage of prayer to the "Lord, please reveal yourself to me" stage, you'll make stunning progress in your intimacy with Jesus.

The only good addiction

Intimacy with Jesus is the only good addiction. It's constructive and life-building, instead of destructive and life-destroying. It's life's most thrilling adventure.

Start today, and tell Jesus you want to have a close, intimate relationship with him. This is a request he always grants.

You don't have to wait until you get to heaven to know God better. He wants to give all of himself to you right here, right now.

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