To put enthusiasm and purpose back in your life, pursue lifelong learning

If you want to stay excited and have an optimistic attitude, lifelong learning is a smart way to do it.

For singles, it can have another bonus: the opportunity to meet a potential spouse!

It's easy for single people to get into a rut. Go to work, watch TV, go to bed, yadda yadda... Taking a course, going to a seminar or joining a study group breaks that monotonous cycle. You may need to push yourself to get started, but it's worth it.

I find it stimulating to hear other people's opinions and takes on life. Sometimes that shows us that there's validity for other views besides our own. At other times, it reaffirms our choices and gives us added confidence because others have reached the same conclusion.

Further education doesn't always have to be about your career. It can cover a hobby, interest, or your faith, such as a Bible study group.

Meeting new people keeps us from getting stale, and also helps us singles dust off our social skills, especially listening.

Did you know that being a good listener can make you a more attractive person? Most people like to talk about themselves, so finding a good listener is rare. My Dad used to say, "You can't learn anything when you're talking. You only learn when you're listening."

Lifelong learning also helps you achieve your goals. Information and knowledge are growing by leaps and bounds. Usually, the more you know, the better you'll understand a situation and increase your chances to make wise decisions.

Jack's truths for thriving.

    Don't limit your lifelong learning to surfing the Internet!

Sure, the Web is an important source of information, and you can interact with other people, sometimes even experts, but it's not a substitute for an old-fashioned, sit-down, watch-somebody's-face conversation.

The key to sticking with this kind of self-led education over a long period of time is to pursue a subject that really excites you, whether it's art classes, music lessons, or computer skills. It will only work if it's something you like.

The opportunities for night school or extended studies may be better in large cities, but investigate night classes at the closest community college if you live in a small town. Our local community college offers sessions at the college as well as at satellite sites in local high schools.

The most interesting, enthusiastic people are those who commit to a self-paced, aggressive pursuit of knowledge. Train your brain. Go for a bigger life. Lifelong learning will help you do it!

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