Wake up happy and build a day that fulfills that promise

It is possible for singles to wake up happy.

Too often we hear the alarm go off and think, "Oh no! How am I gonna make it through another day?"

The secret to jumping out of bed with a smile on your face and energized to get going is to have something to look forward to.

A reward that has meaning for you


It's easy to fall into the trap of gift lift, that is, buying yourself a "reward" to boost your spirits. Unfortunately, if we do that too often the reward becomes ineffective and we can get into debt, needing bigger and more frequent "fixes".

No, the type of reward I'm talking about doesn't even have to cost money, but it does have to hold meaning for you.

Maybe it's an hour to read a book by your favorite author. Maybe it's sending a card or note to a friend who needs a boost. Maybe it's cooking your favorite food for dinner (although this has the potential to turn into an eat-a-thon if we're not careful, too).

What you're looking for is simplicity, frugality, and passion. It has to be special for you, and only you know what that is.

Why hobbies are so popular

Millions of people who can't stand their job have found fulfillment through their hobbies. The right hobby is a very under-rated way to relieve stress and give you something positive to look forward to.


If your job doesn't let you express your creativity, your hobby can. If your job leaves you feeling unfulfilled, your hobby can do that. And, if your job doesn't provide the intellectual challenge you need, you can find a hobby that will.

Many younger singles think hobbies are boring, but that's because they haven't found the right hobby for them.

How to escape the rut of routine

Too much of the same old, same old makes it hard to keep a positive attitude. But you can change that when you inject an element that stimulates your mind. Whether it's a night class, learning a foreign language, planning a vacation, or mastering a musical instrument, you'll wake up happy when you're making progress every day toward a goal that's important to you.

For example, I'm writing an ebook which I'll eventually publish on www.inspiration-for-singles.com. That's an intellectually challenging task, it's fun (I enjoy writing), and it will help other singles. That's just one of the reasons I wake up happy.

No matter what you hit on to look forward to, make sure it involves growth and something you consider fun.

Sometimes you'll have small, daily events to look forward to, like a favorite TV program or sports event. Then there are longer term rewards like saving toward a piece of furniture or electronics, or completing a project at work.

Having something to look forward to is one of the greatest motivators of life. It builds enthusiasm. It turns a humdrum life into a quest, a mini-adventure you can renew every time you add anticipation to your life.

Never underestimate this simple life-secret. I've been doing it for over 50 years, and it never gets old. It adds joy and fulfillment.

Why Christians should wake up happy


If you're a believer, you know in the morning that you have eternal security with Christ. You know he's helping you at work and in your daily life. And you know that as your relationship with him deepens, you'll feel more confident and more loved.

Oh, Christians can wake up grouchy or depressed too, but you always have God's touch to look forward to during the day. You can feel the Holy Spirit's presence as you read the Bible and pray.

And if you walk with God, you never know when a prayer will be answered or your Father will grace you with one of his exquisite blessings that brings tears to your eyes.

Sometimes it feels as if we don't have much control over our life. It's easy for us singles to get a nagging thought in our head that repeats itself over and over until we're in a state of panic.

But we do have control over our thought life, and with God's help, we can set the tone for our day as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Instead of feeding a worry, starve it by repeating an encouraging Bible verse.

The word of God has life-changing power. It's our secret weapon in a world that seems crazy at times. When you anchor yourself in God's rock-solid truths, your entire attitude can change. And when your attitude changes, your world changes!

Now that's something to wake up happy about!


Stop the hurt, start the happy!

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