Single and Sure: How to make smart decisions

Make better choices, enjoy life more!

Dear Fellow Single,

Here's some good news: Single and Sure, the ebook, can help you make smart decisions in life and still have fun.

But here's the problem. How do you make smart decisions when you're young and don't have decades of life experience?

You get that experience, that maturity from someone who's already gone through what you're facing.

That's why I wrote this ebook, Single and Sure. I boiled down the most important lessons I learned in 40 years in the single life. My pain, your gain!

Follow these simple principles
and your life will start to turn around.

Let me make something absolutely clear: This ebook is not a bunch of "smile and you'll feel better" nonsense. It's hardheaded, practical help for singles who are ready to discover how to navigate the ups and downs and take control of their future.

I reveal how to have:

  • Confidence, instead of worry;
  • Loving relationships, instead of loneliness;
  • Fulfillment, instead of frustration;
  • Enthusiasm, instead of depression, and
  • Sureness, instead of uncertainty.

This information is not available in any bookstore--anywhere!

"...I want to thank you for your book. It gave me assurance in some of things I have already learned and will serve as reminders, and it has also helped me to correct some of my poorer attitudes. And it will probably help me to avoid a lot more frustrations down the road. It is always comforting to know that someone else can understand what you're going through (especially God!) It's life changing material, and I'll be sure to keep it handy to reflect on. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. "

Tim S., New York, USA

No other writer has covered these topics in such depth or in such a problem-solving style. Single and Sure will show you proven strategies for making wise decisions in the situations you face every day.

This is down to earth, useful advice, the kind of "aha!" wisdom you'll start using immediately.

My 40 years' experience in the single life will tell you what works and what doesn't, what's smart and what isn't, and most importantly, what results in deep-down happiness and what ends in disappointment and pain.

Here are some of the time-saving truths you'll find answered in Single and Sure:

  • What's the easiest way to avoid emotional pain? (page 85)
  • What is the one secret that will eliminate my money worries? (page 94)
  • How can I be happy with my physical appearance? (page 56)
  • When is it important--and not important--to please other people? (page 53)
  • What is the surefire way to achieve my goals? (page 121)
  • What is my highest purpose in life? (page 152)
  • How can I cure myself--permanently--of feeling unlovable? (page 192)
  • Why hasn't God answered my prayers for a spouse? (page 214)

How to build bullet-proof confidence in yourself!

Fully one-third of Single & Sure shows you the secrets to unshakable self-confidence. Not only will you learn how to read other people more accurately, but you’ll also see how to head off those thoughts and feelings that eat away at your own self-esteem.

Discover super self confidence with Single & Sure.

As you build faith in God and in yourself, you’ll feel a level of courage you’ve never known before. Single and Sure will give you a new-found determination that people will notice. You’ll start going after the things you really want in life, and in the process you’ll become a more attractive person.

Single and Sure is solidly optimistic. You’ll find my approach encouraging and inspiring. I’m on your side, and I’ll prove to you that God is too.

Single and Sure is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style, like you and I were sitting at a table enjoying a cup of coffee together, just talking.

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Grab onto happiness--the smart way

The smartest way to focus on happiness-producing activities is to take advantage of other people's experiences.

Single and Sure packs 40 years’ worth of life-lessons into 240 fast-moving pages. I concentrated on the subjects that receive the most visits on my web site, like loneliness, peace of mind, depression, and shyness.

You'll get put-it-to-use-now principles showing you:

  • How to get over past hurts once and for all
  • How to get out of the way of other people’s ineffective coping
  • How to use good fears to your advantage
  • How to avoid the wrong “shoulds” in life
  • How to activate your built-in lie detector

"I just purchased and started reading your e-book, and already I'm starting to feel better and understand myself better. (Plus your 3 free bonuses are terrific as well!) I appreciate your years of wisdom and experience. You have much to teach us singles out here in the world. I admire your ability to overcome all the adversity you have faced in your life."

Steve W., Ohio, USA

How you'll benefit from
Single and Sure

I'll admit it. I'm no genius. The truths you'll learn in Single and Sure came at a high price--my personal heartache and hurt. I had to learn these lessons the hard way, by trial and error.

That's why they're so valuable!

You won't have to slog through the same mistakes. Instead, you'll absorb the positive principles that will build you up, and learn how to avoid the negative experiences that can tear you down.

I invite you to read several of the pages on You'll find the same kind of common sense approach in Single and Sure.

We're both adults here. I won't claim to make you rich or famous or solve all your problems. But I will share my most effective methods for becoming a well-adjusted, optimistic person.

Finally, Single and Sure features an 8 Week Money Back Guarantee. Do they give you that kind of guarantee on a book you buy in a book store? You know the answer to that.

FREE excerpt--for the super skeptical!

Supermarkets have long known that giving out FREE samples is a great way to convince people of a product's quality.

So for a limited time, you can get a free excerpt from Single and Sure!

This PDF download gives you a valuable sample of the clear, conversational style of Single & Sure, along with some priceless secrets on how you can actually create your own future.

BONUS! Complete Table of Contents!

You'll also receive the complete Table of Contents of Single & Sure, detailing what's in every chapter of this powerful ebook.

Ready for your free, no-obligation sample? Just click this link to download it:

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More real world help
with these 3 FREE Bonuses:

How to Master Your Money is a plain-talk manual on getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and taking control of your finances--instead of letting them control you. You'll learn the secrets that helped Jack Zavada retire at the ripe old age of 51.

Warning: How to Master Your Money contains page after page of insider information that banks, credit card companies, stores, and advertisers don't want you to know.

SPECIAL REPORT: The Best Way to Beat Boredom is an eye-opening guide to picking the most fascinating, engaging hobby for you.

Armed with these guidelines, you'll choose the perfect pastime that will keep you spellbound for the rest of your life.

This condensed but powerful information will help you grow as a person and become a fascinating, more attractive single.

101 Sadness Busters for Singles is pure fun, for those times when gloominess invades your space.

These 101 hand-picked web sites feature clean humor, funny quotations, mind-boggling oddities, challenging activities, plus answers to some of life's most perplexing questions.

101 Sadness Busters for Singles is a Web surfer's delight and will provide you with countless hours of spirit-lifting entertainment.

No Internet hype, just honest-to-goodness help

I'm a Christian guy. I live by the Christian principles in Single & Sure.

That's why I'm not going to list inflated prices for these FREE bonuses. Other people sell their ebooks at an outlandish price, then try to justify it with 6 or 8 bonus items, all with hiked-up values. And many of their bonuses are just other gurus' leftovers and slow sellers.

    I respect your intelligence too much to pull that kind of nonsense. I created these 3 FREE bonuses especially to accompany Single & Sure.

Single & Sure features Christian principles, but click here if you're not a Christian

Each one of them is relevant to single people like you. And each one adds greatly to the value of this package. But I'm not going to insult you by saying they're worth $500.

I may be nuts. This may break "the ebook rules", but I don't care, because I know that if you're serious about turning your life around, you'll recognize Single & Sure as an incredible bargain at only $̶1̶4̶.9̶7̶.

No, that's NOT a typo.

Only $̶1̶4̶.9̶7̶ (U.S. Dollars)

Get Adobe Reader FREE

Single & Sure is an electronic book, downloadable in pdf format.

To read it, you'll need Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader FREE here: DOWNLOAD ADOBE READER

Now Only

I know times are tough.

That's why I cut the price of Single & Sure by a whopping 33%! I want you to be able to afford it. This lower price makes it accessible to everyone.

I'm not out to gouge anybody. If you compare this to other ebooks on the 'Net, you'll see they range from $29 all the way up to $99. That's a rip-off!

After you read this great advice, I want you to spread the word about how this ebook helped you, and encourage others to buy it too. The success of this web site, and Single & Sure depends largely on your recommendations to others.

Click ONCE to order Single & Sure now.

So affordable--and an 8-Week
Money Back Guarantee too. Yes!

Not only is the price affordably low, but you can order this ebook totally risk-free. Read it. Study it. Apply it to your life. You can return it within the next 8 weeks and receive a complete money back, no-hassle refund.

You'll place your order through ClickBank's secure server, and within minutes you'll be downloading your ebook and these free bonuses.

No waiting for weeks. No shipping, handling, or insurance charges. Available in every country served by ClickBank.

The same great, useful info but without paying extra for printing and production costs.

You can print it out on your computer printer, then put it in a 3-ring binder so you can re-read it and refer to it whenever you please.

Only $̶1̶4̶.9̶7̶

Price slashed because of the economy!

Now only

$9.97 USD

Click ONCE to order Single & Sure now.

I think you're going to love Single & Sure!

Committed to your thriving in the single life,

Jack Zavada

P.S. Still hesitant? Remember that the money back guarantee is issued through Clickbank, not this site. Clickbank is the most trusted name in digital downloads on the 'Net. Single & Sure can make the difference between hurting and happiness.

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