Dealing with doubt takes constant vigilance but God will always help

Dealing with doubt can knock you off balance, or it can make your faith even more solid.

With today's overload of communications, voices are blasting at us from every direction, and of course each one claims to be telling you the truth. Sorting things out is as easy as asking one question: "What do they really want from me?" In most cases, it's your money.

Oddly enough, preachers who promote the prosperity gospel have mixed motives. Bible teacher Haddon Robinson says, "Be wary of preachers who tell you to give your money to God then give you their address."

Many of us singles have asked God for a spouse yet we remain unmarried. When a good, wholesome prayer remains unanswered, naturally we'll have doubts. It's part of being human. doubt

Identifying the biggest doubt dealer

Surprisingly, millions of Christians think Satan is not a real being and is just a symbol for evil. Satan is thrilled with that assessment. Nothing serves him better than people who are off-guard because they don't believe in him. They never suspect he could be behind many of their problems.

I don't constantly rebuke Satan or think he's hiding behind every bush, but I do acknowledge his existence. He's devious and far more intelligent than us. I trust the Holy Spirit to protect me from Satan.

Jesus knew Satan is real. He was tempted by Satan in the desert and spoke of him frequently. We need to shut off our technology long enough to face this reality:

Jack's truths for thriving

Satan exists and one of his weapons is sowing seeds of doubt.

Jesus called Satan "a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44) One of the purposes of those lies is to sow doubt. If the devil can get us to lose faith in God, it makes it easier for him to tempt us to disobey God's laws.

Let's not be naive. We shouldn't think we're so intellectual that acknowledging Satan is beneath us. If we think Satan is fiction, then we're calling Jesus a liar.

Dealing with doubt caused by our culture

Atheism is a hot fad now. Books promoting atheism have hit the bestseller lists in the past couple years. The lie has taken a more modern spin, but millions of people who think it's cool to thumb their nose at the establishment find it appealing.

"We're too sophisticated to believe in God. God was the product of primitive tribes who didn't understand nature. God is an invention of man. Jesus Christ is fictional, a myth patched together by the early church using stories of the Egyptian god Horus and other mythological characters. He never existed," the books say.

It's old stuff recycled from centuries ago, that most folks have never heard before, an artificial pitting of science against the church.

Most atheists are pretty intelligent. In fact, some are geniuses. But that doesn't mean they can't be wrong. Sometimes, the more intelligent someone is, the harder they find it to admit they're wrong.

But if you're attracted to their logic, you'll be dealing with doubt over something you thought you'd settled years ago. The truth isn't always popular, and what's popular isn't always the truth.

In this case it's a question of who you'd rather believe: an atheist who wrote a book and will be dead in a couple decades, or the Creator of the Universe who rose from the dead?

Dealing with doubt in a wise way

It's not a sin to have doubts. John the Baptist had them, the apostle Thomas did, and almost every saint on record. After all, God's asking us to believe some pretty amazing stuff. But where we singles are concerned, we have to make a choice who we're going to go with and what they want from us.

Will we fall in with someone who wants our money, our vote, or our support, or will we go with the One who wants to save our soul from eternal isolation so we can live forever with Him in perfect happiness?

Wow. Tough choice.

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