God cannot lie -- but what difference should that make to singles?

How often do you think about the fact that God cannot lie?

God cannot lie Most of us are aware of that truth, but we rarely give it much thought. We know that complete honesty is one of God's attributes, yet we never reflect on what that means to us as singles.

Many of us have ambivalent feelings toward God. We love him, but we often wonder whether he loves us. We believe that he knows the future, but we don't always ask him for guidance. We know he can do anything, yet we pray half-heartedly, as if he might be weak and incompetent.

So what difference does it make that God cannot lie?

1. The Bible is true

If God cannot lie, then the Bible is true. God says it is his revealed word to us, which is mind-boggling in its consequences.

That means we have an instruction book--a "how to" manual--that tells us the best way to handle every situation in life. Rather than running around like the sky is falling when we get into a jam, we can search the Bible and learn exactly what to do.

How often do we, as Christians, take advantage of that? We pray fantically, hoping God will shout down a solution, when all the while it's there for us, in the Bible. Not only that, but the Holy Spirit guides us to the right passage then gives us wisdom to understand it and apply it to our problem.

2. God can be trusted--completely.

How many times have you been disappointed by a politician who made extravagant promises during his or her campaign, but after being elected, made only excuses why they would not do what they pledged?

It's the same with bosses, relatives, insurance companies, and romantic friends. Disappointment is the norm, not the exception. And if we're honest, we'll admit that we have let other people down, too.

But because God cannot lie, he is completely different from human beings. He is 100% dependable. His word is always good and his promises are always sure.

When we surrender our life to God, we are guaranteed that he will do what he says. Again, the fact that God can always be trusted is so overwhelming that we fail to grasp it.

3. Your future is secure

If you're a born-again Christian, you should have not one iota of doubt that you will spend eternity with God. That's what God says to us in his Word, the Bible, and because God cannot lie, we shouldn't have any anxiety about our future.

That should do two things for singles: first, it should make us incredibly grateful, because we know we can't save ourselves--but Jesus has taken care of that debt for us; second, it should make us rely on God more in our everyday lives. He promises to help us, God cannot lie, so we should accept his offer.

How refreshing it is to encounter someone who not only will not lie, but cannot lie by his very nature!

Keep that in mind every time you read the Bible. Keep that in mind as you pray. Keep that in mind when you remember God's promises of unfailing care and protection.

God cannot lie. What a comforting, reassuring truth!

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