God is light, and that's great news for Christian singles

God is light, and that's important to remember.

Being single can sometimes feel like stumbling along in the dark.

But God is light, scripture tells us. So what does that mean for single people?

How can you, as a Christian single, apply that truth to live a happier, more fulfilling life?


First, God's light gives us understanding. Life can be confusing, complicated, and contradictory. We struggle through disappointments, through loss, through a vague feeling that we don't matter. When we try to make sense of it, we get even more frustrated.

Singles especially need to rely on the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom and understanding. He helps us figure out why people can be mean and spiteful. He shows us the shortcomings in others' hearts, and in our own as well, if we find the courage to ask.

God's light illuminates the limited sphere of our own little world. He helps us figure out things that seemed baffling at first. When you can't grasp why something is happening to you, ask God to shine his all-revealing light on the situation. In time, things will become clear.


Second, God's light gives us truth. Like a lighthouse beacon on the shore, God points the way around life's rocks and into safe harbor.

Many voices shout at us singles, telling us where to go, what to buy, and what to do. To get to the truth, though, you can find God's guiding light by reading the Bible. In its pages are unmistakable signals for the way you should go.

God is light, the light of truth. Our culture presents many temptations, many paths. On the surface, they're appealing. When you test them against the Bible, however, their falseness is revealed.

If you read God's word, obey him, and ask for guidance, God will show you his route to righteousness.


Finally, God's light gives us hope. Without Christ there would be no hope. We would have no future to look forward to, only an eternity of suffering.

As Christians, we singles can walk confidently in this light of hope, knowing that God, by his very character, cannot lie. He does make good on his promises.

"I am the light of the world," Jesus said. "Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12)

Because God is light, because you have hope, you need not fear what will happen to you. No matter what happens, you are heavenbound. One look into a starry sky will convince you that everything didn't just "pop" into existence with a Big Bang.

God created everything. And because there is a God, there's a heaven for you and me, too.

After the heartaches and sorrows of this world, you will live forever with God in that bright, shining city, never to be troubled by any kind of darkness again.

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