How you see Jesus will determine your destiny

How you see Jesus is the most important issue in your life.

It's been said that life boils down to one question: "What will you do with Jesus?" Since God has given human beings free will, we have the choice between accepting Christ or rejecting him.

For single people, this choice makes all the difference in the world. Accepting him puts us on the path to holiness, salvation, and eternal life. Rejecting him leads to selfishness, sin, and destruction.

I know this is not a popular subject. In fact, it's offensive. Many people would rather I don't even mention the name Jesus at all. But one of my promises on this web site is to always tell you the truth, and after decades of intensive searching, I can confidently say this is the truth. Ironically, it was Jesus himself who said, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Do you see Jesus or do you ignore him?

My pastor is fond of saying that we're all searching for the God who will give us the best deal. For most people, that "god" is one who will let us do whatever we like with no consequences.

But what a pathetic God that would be. He would have no standards. He wouldn't care what happened to his children. Worst of all, he wouldn't really love us.

When we see Jesus accurately, as the Bible portrays him, we encounter a being so magnetic, so attractive that he simply cannot be ignored. The better we get to know him, the more we want of him.

In a very real sense, our Savior is a problem. Many singles wish he'd just go away so they can do their own thing. They don't want to know him. That's the nature of sin. It's more concerned about satisfying our own selfish desires than following God's commandments.

Satan, whom the Lord called "the father of lies," wants us to believe there are no consequences to sin. He especially lures single people with that thought, the old "if it feels good, do it" excuse. You can almost hear him laughing in hell as singles sink into a life of misery and degradation because they did their own thing.

Do you see Jesus as a spoilsport?

Let's face it: Jesus gets in the way. He gets in the way of lying to make more money, he gets in the way of abusing our body with drugs, and he gets in the way of one-night stands. Today's society tells us Christ's morals are antiquated, the product of ancient times.

If you're a divorced or widowed single and you've raised children, you know that you can't let them run wild and do whatever they want. They become brats. They have no respect for other people or for the law.

Spiritually speaking, we're all children. We're not mature enough on our own to know how to behave. That's why God laid down rules. Once you see the Ten Commandments as instructions for how to stay out of trouble, your life will never be the same. Your view of God will change completely.

I want to be clear on this: We can't get to heaven by works, that is, by slavish obedience to the Ten Commandments. The reason is obvious. None of us are capable of obeying them. We have a sinful nature that keeps leading us in the wrong direction.

Do you see Jesus as your Savior?

Do you believe in heaven? Do you think it's a real place? Do you expect to see Jesus face-to-face some day?

Before we can get to heaven, we need to see Jesus on the cross and understand what it means. Most of us don't want to look at the cross. It's become almost meaningless in our society, with athletes and celebrities wearing it as a fashion statement. We want to forget the terrible price Jesus paid to save us from our sins.

When you think of his sacrifice, you're stunned that he did it for one reason: Love. It's a terrifying thing. The Creator of the entire universe loves you so much that he went through torture and death to save you from your sins because you can't save yourself.

Nobody else has ever loved you that much and no one ever will. If you're a thinking person, you come to realize the unpayable debt you owe Christ. Because he did all this through grace, a free gift, you not only don't have to pay it back, you can't pay it back.

So how do you see Jesus? If you don't know him or feel lukewarm about him, I suggest you start reading the gospels and the letters of Paul.

This is the most important question facing you. Your very life depends on it.

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