Enthusiasm can turn a ho-hum life into a rip-roaring adventure!

Has your enthusiasm dried up and blown away? Is it a real struggle to get out of bed in the morning and face the day?

We all go through those lumpy periods in life. We remember when we had pep in our step and pride in our stride. You can regain your enthusiasm and joy for living, but it's going to take some work.

Single people have an unfortunate tendency to dwell upon what's lacking in our life, rather than on all the good things we do have. The first step in bringing back your zip is to take a good, hard look at yourself and what kind of thoughts you've been allowing to dominate your mind. Think crummy, ungrateful thoughts, and you'll gradually turn into a crummy, ungrateful person. Think enthusiastic, hopeful thoughts, and your life will take on a surprising new excitement.

But the power of positive thinking alone is not enough. You have to harness it together with the power of positive doing. If you believe that's too intimidating for you to accomplish, check this out (self esteem boosters) then come back to this page.

Back already? Yikes! You must be one of those speed reader types.

Same-old, same-old = a rut

A sure way to get into a rut, with both your thinking and your doing, is to do the same stuff, over and over again. Same clothes. Same food. Same places. Same friends. Same activities. Even the same prayers. One of those painful-but-true quotes goes:

    If you always do what you always did,
    you'll always get what you always got.

Trying new things can be scary. The smart way to do it is to not try too many new things at the same time. Introduce them into your life gradually, and start with some new prayers. That's right. Instead of asking God to change your situation, ask him to change you, and mean it!

If you're sincere about it (and you should never pray anything you're not sincere about. God's not a dummy, y'know.), you'll notice small changes starting to happen in your life.

Boy, it's thrilling when you find yourself more patient than you used to be. Or more generous. Or less anxious. Our miracle-working God can and will make changes like that in your life, if you ask him.

Are you praying for the wrong stuff?

Maybe you've been praying for the wrong stuff all along. The solution to that is to ask the Holy Spirit to take your requests and make them pleasing to God the Father. When you sync up with heaven, God's power will start flowing through you. Believe me, something swell will start happening!

Regaining your enthusiasm requires that you give up the selfish "poor me" attitude and get into a "lucky me!" attitude instead. Except that as Christians, we don't believe in luck, do we? That word isn't found in the Bible, but God's grace is mentioned over 150 times. And you've received a ton of God's grace, haven't you?

An old saying, usually attributed to a nonbeliever, says: "If you Christians have joy in your heart, you should tell your heart to send a telegram to your face."

As Christians, we should be the happiest, most alive people on the planet. Regardless of our circumstances, we can experience the joy and love of God.

Compared to whom?

Besides trying something new, changing your prayers and changing your attitude, you can also stop comparing yourself to people who have more than you do and start comparing yourself to those who have less.

Not only will that immediately humble you about your frequent complaining, but it will open your eyes to the truth that you do have a lot going for you.

Getting your enthusiasm back is not as hard as it seems. As a saved child of God, you have so much to be thankful for and excited about. When you truly believe that and act on it, renewed enthusiasm is sure to follow.

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