Worried sick? Take these two important steps to deal with the problem

If you're worried sick, you're not the only one. It's an understandable feeling right now.

Today it seems as if all the news you hear is bad. For single people, that can be even more upsetting. We don't have a spouse to talk with to change our perspective. Often we come home from work and brood about things all evening. Even watching the nightly news broadcast can start your worry cycle going.

You may feel helpless. But are you really? This constant barrage of gloom and doom can make you feel as if you're a pawn in a game being played by someone else.

worried sick

What do do when you're worried sick

Instead of wasting energy worrying, a better approach is to do something constructive to address your fears. Here are a few positive steps to take:

  • Make sure you're giving your absolute best effort at work.

  • Economize wherever you can. Cut back on credit card use.

  • Start an emergency fund and add to it every week.

  • Have a medical checkup and discuss any psychological problems with your doctor.

  • Make sure your car is running well to avoid stressful problems with it.

Have a spiritual checkup

If you're a Christian, you know that Jesus told us not to worry or be feel anxious..

This may seem easier said than done, but the essence of our faith is that God loves us and watches out for us. Yes, sometimes bad things do happen to good people, but God promises to be with us no matter what and to bring us through.

The best way to reinforce your faith is to remember all the times in the past when God answered your prayers and lifted you through a crisis.

Here's a strategy I learned years ago when you're worried sick, and I can tell you that it may sound pretty odd but it actually works:

    Put an empty chair by your bed at night, facing the bed. An extra kitchen chair works fine. Don't put anything on it, like clothes or books. After you say your prayers (you do pray before you go to sleep, don't you?), imagine Jesus sitting on that chair, faithfully watching over you all night. Form the sharpest picture in your mind that you can of him, sitting there calmly, protecting you.

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But it works!

You don't need to be worried sick. You can regain your peace of mind. Keep working at it, steadily, methodically, calmly. Persevere.

Every time a worry thought comes into your mind, remember that God has his protective arms around you at all times. Take God at his word. He loves you more than you can imagine. You are so precious to him that he will bring you through anything that happens, no matter what.

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