Debt worries take over your mind and make your life miserable

Debt worries can make you feel like a hunted person.

It's as if some frightening monster is hiding outside your door, waiting for you, stalking you, always on your mind.

Credit cards can be a wonderful tool, but they can also seduce you to get in debt, spending more than you have income to pay off. If you're in that situation, you don't need a lecture from me on how you got there. You want to know how to get out of this jam.

Debt worries wreck your concentration

Debt worries wreck your nerves.

Any serious concern can damage your ability to think straight. You get so caught up in fear and anxiety that you can't be calm and unemotional about the problem. We've all been there. Thoughts seem to take on a life of their own, especially scary ones.

You might entertain such ideas as, "What's the use?" "My situation is hopeless." "I'll never get out of this." or "There's no solution."

All those statements are feeling-based. That means they're predicated more on emotion than fact, and emotions can be unreliable.

Just because you're too close to the problem to see a solution doesn't mean there isn't one.

Debt worries cloud your judgment

Just as your emotions make it difficult to reason out a solution, so they also color your objectivity. You may go to people who are not qualified to help. If your friends or family members have heavy credit card debt too, they're unlikely to be able to tell you how to get out.

It's important to take a deep breath and take some time before making any important decisions. Don't be hasty in signing up for debt relief deals that sound too good to be true. Wild claims could come back to haunt you later.

Remember that every action has consequences. Force yourself to take your time and calm down.

Debt worries can be solved

Every time I've been in a terrible situation in my life, it has looked like there's no way out, but with God's grace and some hard work on my own part, I've made it through. Both of those elements are key. A permanent solution to your dilemma isn't going to be an easy, quick fix. But with determination, you can overcome this, get out of debt and repair your credit rating.

Admit that this problem isn't going to solve itself. That's the first step. Get professional, experienced help. That's step 2. Then, find out what needs to be done and make it your mission in life to do it! No more excuses. No more stalling. No more denial.

Peace, happiness, and freedom are out there. But you have to do your part to make them happen.

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