Life is meaningless for millions of singles…Does that include you?

Life is meaningless for millions of single people as they go from one day to the next, drifting without purpose, wondering what the point of it all is.

When you move beyond emotions and shallow desires, it is hard to find something that really matters, something that doesn't disappoint. We're affected by the fad of the moment when we're young. We just want to have fun and be carefree. We can do that for years, but eventually it gets old. Then what do we do?

One of life's most important decisions is: Do I want to grow and mature, or do I want a life based on constant fun and excitement?

Life is meaningless: We must choose

When life is meaningless, it's a sign that we have pursued the wrong things. We have looked to things that do not have the power to satisfy and never will.

Often on this site I talk about the promise of materialism and how it proves hollow. For most of us, this is a lesson that comes only with experience. When it finally hits us, we may get deeply depressed. Something we counted on failed us, and that's always a cause for disappointment.

life is meaningless

As we go through life, we singles don't always have the maturity to make wise choices on our own. We have to make mistakes and learn from the consequences. That's painful.

Even one of the wisest men who ever lived had to learn that lesson. His name was King Solomon, and you can benefit from his experience by reading the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. It's a book about regrets.

We must choose. In spite of his wisdom, Solomon made the wrong choices. But we can learn what he did wrong.

Life is meaningless: What is the choice?

Many singles don't even realize they have a choice. They think they have to go along with the crowd, or society, or what advertising tells them. I have a relative who does that and his life is an unhappy disaster.

Jack's truths for thriving

Here's our choice: We can go along with the world,
or we can go along with God.

The world offers independence, freedom, fun, excitement, sensuality, good times.

Here's where most singles make a mistake. They listen to what the world says God offers, instead of listening to God himself. The world says God offers rules, restrictions, dullness, duty, and a generally miserable life.

But here's what God says he offers: freedom, forgiveness, contentment, guidance, hope, maturity, protection, purpose, and unconditional love.

Once you make the choice to go with God and stick with him no matter what, the thought that life is meaningless never crosses your mind again.

Life is meaningless: Is this for real?

Christianity is not an easy life. Anybody who tells you it guarantees health, wealth, and happiness is lying. It doesn't. But it does guarantee meaning.

When Jesus Christ said, "I am the way and the truth and the life." (John 14:6), he gave us the key to the meaning of life. Everything revolves around him. He is the compass we look to for the right direction. He is the measure of what is true and what is false. And his way is the best way.

Atheists may try to claim that Jesus was only a man and not God, and they may claim that Christianity doesn't work, but they cannot argue with the goodness and rightness of everything Jesus taught. He commanded a way of treating other people with love and compassion, and treating ourselves likewise.

Life is meaningless if you put your faith in the things of this world that pass away: shiny stuff, money, career, power and prestige. Eventually you learn the crushing lesson that you poured your passion down a sewer.

God gives meaning because God is love. He loves you and wants you to love him. God's love is powerful and permanent. When you join his family through Christ, you discover the purpose of things. You know where you're going in this life, and in the next.

Life is meaningless, life is shallow, life is without purpose if lived for yourself. Life has meaning if you live it for God.

That's the choice. Get God. Find meaning.

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