Smiling can change your life
for the better--try it!

Smiling is something we singles don't give much thought to. We do it when we're feeling happy, but we don't realize what a powerful force it is.

If you're looking for a spouse, this simple action can make you so much more attractive. Do you ever stop during the day to check what expression is on your face?

This is not one of those "positive thinking, do this and you'll feel better" articles. It's about sending signals. And too, it's about something most of us don't do nowadays: appreciate just how good we have it.

I know. You may think the single life is pretty miserable.

That's a perspective we all take at times, but self-pity seldom gets us what we want. It just keeps us where we are.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, why not major on the positives in your life, no matter how few they may be? Grab onto God, remember how much he loves you, and you'll not only feel more confident, you'll act more self-assured too.

When you grasp how much God loves you, you can't help smiling.

Here are some reasons to show a happy face:

  • Smiling relaxes your body. Frowning makes you tense. It tightens the muscles in your face and neck, and the next thing you know, you have a headache. Fooey on that! You'll have lower blood pressure, fewer digestive problems, and overall better health if you let your joy show on your face.

  • It attracts the opposite sex. Yep, there's something intriguing about a person who is genuinely happy. They draw others to them with little effort. Relax, be yourself and grin. Worry takes too much work. Let others know you're someone worth knowing better. Be approachable and you'll get approached!

  • It helps you find things to enjoy. We can't afford to be bummed out by the weather, traffic, or minor nuisances. They'll always be around, so get over it. When you look for the good in a situation, you'll find it. Many times you can solve what appears to be a problem if you'll only change your attitude.

  • It teaches you to imitate the people you like. Who's attracted to a grouch? I'm not. We're drawn to people who make us feel better. When you make others feel better, they'll be drawn to you. It doesn't cost anything to encourage someone, and the rewards are unbelievable. So smile and lift someone up.

  • It helps you become unstoppable. We all get down. We all need to take a rest once in a while. But those who are stubborn about achieving happiness get back up, with the help of God, and keep getting back up. They see life as an adventure instead of drudgery. They understand that with God at their side, there's always a way to rise above hard times. They shine like a beacon of hope to other people, and you can see it on their face. Be one of those saints, and while you're doing it, be sure to smile!

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