Here's where to turn when that feeling of emptiness overwhelms you

When that sickening feeling of emptiness fills your heart, only one thing can fix it: Jesus.

Let's be honest. Today's world pushes people apart. We singles, especially women, have to be extremely careful in who we associate with. We all know there are many wicked, dangerous people out there. The natural result of our caution is that millions of us are isolated. We've been hurt, maybe even abused, and we're afraid to trust anyone.

What's more, our society, with its emphasis on electronic communication--like what you're doing right now--gives us the illusion that we're staying connected, but we're having fewer and fewer face-to-face conversations. We're looking at devices instead of each other's eyes.

There's a big difference. You can have a zillion "friends" on Facebook but not one real human that you can sit down and talk with. No wonder we fill alienated.

What won't help that feeling of emptiness

Hundreds of things are promising a cure for that feeling of emptiness. You've probably seen other singles turning to them, only to discover that they had chased a lie. The aftermath can be devastating.

How we deal with loneliness is one of the pivotal decisions in life. After many years of experimenting, I came to this conclusion:

What's this?

If you can buy it with money,
it can't cure that feeling of emptiness.

Still, people keep trying. Nonbelievers would rather go anywhere than the True Source. And, peddling cures for this problem can be wildly profitable. From jewelry stores to car dealerships to clothing stores, we just keep buying because what we bought last month didn't solve the problem like we were sure it would.

News flash in case you're still wondering

When it comes to curing the feeling of emptiness, all that other stuff--drugs, alcohol, parties, promiscuity, exotic vacations, even your career--are not solutions. They're just distractions. They take up time and they keep you occupied, but they don't address the root cause.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, you have a connection to the Divine. I'm not talking about some New Age boofiness about us all being "gods." The connection you have is that you were created by God. That's why God, and only God, in the form of Jesus Christ, is the answer to your feeling of emptiness.

The current Big Lie (there have been several over the ages) is that Jesus is restrictive, that he'll impose all kinds of rules on you to spoil your fun.

Not surprisingly, the exact opposite is true: Jesus Christ will give you the greatest freedom you've ever known.

Why I'm only stubborn, not stupid

What if you're already a Christian? What if you've been following Jesus for years and that sense of worthlessness still attacks you?

Then it becomes a matter of surrender. Yeah, I know. Ouch!

I'll tell you a secret (although it's being broadcast to the entire planet here): Surrender was one of the hardest trials I went through in the Christian life.

I was a pretty stubborn guy, the kind who thinks he knows what's best for him and doesn't need anybody else's help. After falling on my face several times, I finally wised up enough (I'm stubborn remember? not stupid) to let God have a shot at driving my life.

Oh, things didn't go perfectly, because I still tried to grab the steering wheel from him fairly often. Sometimes he'd let me try to steer from the passenger's side, which landed me in the ditch several times.

Does this sound at all familiar to you?

Learn the hard way, like I did, or...

Here's the shocker: God created that feeling of emptiness in you. He wanted it there. The only thing that can fill it perfectly, then, is God himself. He designed you that way.

Be my guest. Try filling it with anything else, like I did, but I'll tell you from my own experience that it doesn't work.

In several of the pages on, I mention that the most valuable part of this site is that you can learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make them on your own.

My pain, your gain, remember? If you enjoy wasting your time and your life, go ahead and ignore this. Do it your way. Or be smart and give this a try.

The solution is fairly simple, once you accept it. The more of Jesus you let in, the less hollowness you'll have. Lots of Jesus, little emptiness. No Jesus, lots of emptiness.

So you can choose. Keep trying other stuff if you like. See for yourself. But the sooner you surrender, the sooner you'll start feeling better.

Purposelessness or peace. Sadness or joy. Stubbornness or Jesus.

It's just that simple. Really.

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