Restraint means making smart choices

You don't hear the word restraint very often today, especially among young singles. It's more fashionable to do whatever you please. There's a problem with that philosophy, though: It can have disastrous consequences.

We've seen an explosion of STDs, HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction, personal debt, unwanted pregnancies, and other problems because people failed to control themselves. Whether it's a matter of resisting temptation or just saying "no" to a dumb suggestion, we all need to practice self-control.

The best reason to hold back, of course, is that many of the impulsive things we do are sin--offenses against God. His Commandments clearly lay out the violations. With willpower, and the help of the Holy Spirit, we can avoid stepping over the edge.

How do we do that? One way is to use your imagination to foresee the consequences. A lot of idiotic notions sound like a good idea at the time--if you're drunk, high, or not thinking clearly. Gee, couldn't we avoid sabotaging ourselves if we didn't get drunk or high in the first place?

Here's the deal: Cleaning up the mess caused by stupidity never makes up for the so-called "fun" you had doing it--whatever "it" was.

Some of us learn from our mistakes. Others never do. Which will it be for you? Don't complain that your life stinks if you're the person who made it that way by refusing to think before you act.

Wise up. Break the cycle. You can read this and get angry, or read it and think it doesn't apply to you, or you can read it and start becoming your biggest ally instead of your own worst enemy. The choice is yours.

Jack's truths for thriving

Just because you can do something doesn't mean it's smart to.

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