Tranquility is not a passive state

Tranquility is that delicious sense of calmness and relaxation, but surprisingly, it takes vigilance.

A thousand forces fight for our attention, from work to worries to guilt. That's right, guilt. In our breakneck culture, we feel guilty when we take time off, even if it's necessary to preserve our sanity.

We're so afraid of the other guy getting ahead of us, or not getting that new "must-have" piece of junk that we beat ourselves up if we let up for even a day.

Not only do we have to make time for peace, but we have to be protective of our rest times. We can't let nagging forces intrude. We have to jealously guard our thoughts so they don't stray to the old harassers. This takes quiet determination.

Can you go anywhere without your cell phone? You must, if you want calmness. Can you leave your iPod at home when you go for a walk? It's artificial noise, no matter how much you may like your music.

When your nerves are jangled and you need some mental rest, you have to understand the necessity of peace and quiet.

    Tips for tranquility:

  • Leave every distraction at home. That includes physical, like cell phones and iPods, to mental, like worries and plans. Don't let these intruders disturb your peace.

  • Live in the moment. Don't think about past failures or anticipate future problems. Concentrate on enjoying the now.

  • Seek somewhere soothing. You won't find rest at a rock concert or in the shopping mall. You don't need to travel to a tropical beach, but find a place where the only sound is natural--from birds, the wind, or silence.

  • Don't cheat! No thinking about work allowed--period! This is not a time to solve your problems. It's a time to get away from them. This kind of mental vacation will rejuvenate you so you'll come back sharper and more relaxed. Do not mix problem thoughts with your tranquility time.

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