Christianity is an adventure that provides a lifetime of excitement!


Christianity is an adventure! At least, that's what it should be if you do it right.

Sadly, many singles see our faith as drudgery, a catalog of laws to be obeyed if you want to be a "good" Christian. Some think it's a myth based on ancient legends with no foundation in fact. Still others think of theologians and nitpicking arguments over things like a pre-trib or post-trib Rapture.

No, no, no! At the heart of Christianity is Jesus Christ, without exception the most exciting person who ever lived. The fact that he was also fully God makes him unique in all of human history.

The things he said, the things he did are timeless. His wisdom is indisputable, his knowledge of the human condition unsurpassed.

Christianity is an adventure because Jesus is alive today! What's more, he has the power to grant that same eternal life to anyone who follows him, including you.

Christianity is an adventure for everyone

Try this on for inclusiveness:

Christianity is open to every human being on the planet.


You don't have to be rich. You can be poor. It doesn't matter how brilliant you are or aren't; there's no entrance exam. Race is no barrier. People in every country can join, even if you have to do it in the secrecy of your own heart because of persecution.

But let's get something straight right off the bat: Christianity does have standards. You can't be a member and behave any way you want. Jesus forbids his followers from doing destructive things to themselves and others.

The apostle Paul, one of Jesus' most zealous spokesmen, put it this way:

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 6:23, NIV)

Did you get that? Sin kills. Your sin killed Jesus Christ on the cross. If you don't repent and follow Jesus, it will eventually kill you.

Oh, there's no question sin is enjoyable. That's why people do it. Heroin may be enjoyable at first, but it will eventually kill you. Sin is much more dangerous because it can send you to hell forever.

Wait! The good news (the gospel) is that anyone can receive eternal life by repenting of sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.

That's the path to heaven, the only path. It's exciting because Jesus invites everybody to take it. His death on the cross paid your sin debt in full. You can't get to heaven by doing good deeds or by being a good person.

You can get there thanks to Jesus, and that's exciting. Once you do that, the adventure begins.

Choose your adventure

What's the difference between the world's adventures and Christianity? The thrills you get from worldly adventures wear off. Sure, you've got memories, but Christianity is an adventure that happens every day. And it doesn't cost a penny.

How awesome would it be to have the Creator of the Cosmos living inside you? That's what Christians have in the Holy Spirit. He is the Mentor of all mentors. His guidance is infallible, specific to your personal situation. He's a guide who knows the future. Where else can you get that?

The Bible, a Christian's owner's manual, spells out how to live a productive life. Technology may change, but human nature never does. That's why the examples in the Bible are laser-sharp relevant to today.


Prayer is like having God's personal cell phone number, and he takes calls from his children 24/7/365. You'll never get a busy signal or voice mail. His intelligence is so infinite he can talk with a billion of his children at the same time and pay complete attention to each one. How jaw-dropping is that?

When God reaches down and answers one of your prayers, it's as stupendous as a lightning strike. His answers—just the right way, just the right timing—have left me shaking my head for a week at the delight of it.

Every day is a new opportunity for God to intervene in your life. The Bible says he's so involved with you he knows the number of hairs on your head. He's constantly helping his followers behind the scenes, arranging people and circumstances because he's in sovereign control of the universe.

What's best? The comforting love of Jesus. It's the assurance from the highest authority in existence that you're approved. Yes, the Christian life has its ups and downs. Jesus warned us we'd face trouble, but he is with you in every circumstance, supporting and strengthening you.

How do you get the full impact?

Unfortunately, many Christians sleepwalk through their life, not expecting much from God. They have lost the sense of joy and wonder they had when they were first saved.

If Christianity is an adventure, then how do you live it that way? How do you get the full impact of everything it offers?

First, it starts with complete surrender to God. You give him your hopes, dreams, plans, and ask Jesus to live his life through you. That's scary, but it's also exciting. It seems like the biggest gamble you could make. In reality, it's the safest thing you'll ever do.

How it unfolds is where the adventure comes in.

Second, although your salvation was completely paid for by Jesus' death on the cross, obedience is the way you stay in close fellowship with God. This is the most intimate relationship you'll ever have—much more intimate than marriage. You don't want to damage it by doing destructive things: sin.


No, you can't be perfect and God doesn't expect you to be. The Holy Spirit is coaching you on Satan's tricks and gives you strength to overcome temptation. As you make wise choices, you grow in spiritual maturity, an adventure all its own.

Third, you read the Bible every day. It's the most riveting book ever written because God speaks directly to you through its pages. You want to hear from God? Read the Bible. You can read the same passage a dozen times and get new wisdom from each reading; that's the Holy Spirit illuminating his Word for you.

Finally, you pray. You talk to God silently, at work, at play, doing chores, before going to sleep, when you get up in the morning. You keep a constant conversation going. Then you ask him to attune you to his ways.

This experience is not an overactive imagination. It's real. Once the Holy Spirit tunes you to God's wavelength, you'll begin to appreciate all your heavenly Father does for you.

Yes, Christianity is an adventure, the adventure of an eternal lifetime!

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