Believing you're a bad luck person is a common but dangerous mistake

Do you see yourself as a bad luck person? Do you believe that you actually attract painful circumstances?

Many singles see themselves that way. I'm embarrassed to admit that I saw myself that way for many years. It seemed that one bad thing after another happened to me, and I felt that I couldn't catch a break if my life depended on it.

The danger in that attitude is that your prayer life becomes anemic because you see yourself as a victim of bad luck instead of a child of God who can call on the heavenly Father for help. You become pessimistic as well, believing that you're somehow "cursed," so why even try?

It's surprising how many Christians still believe in luck. You won't find the word "luck" in the Bible. The very concepts of good luck, bad luck, and fate go back to Greek mythology. Horoscopes, which rely on pagan astrological beliefs, often talk about luck, a change of luck, or a good luck cycle.

When one thing after another goes wrong in your life, why does that happen? If there's no such thing as good luck or bad luck and God is in control of everything, why do negative things happen to believers?

Life is not a casino

At times you may feel like the Bible character Job, who seemed to be a bad luck person if there ever was one. Yet we're told in the Book of Job that Satan caused Job's calamities. Is Satan causing your heartaches too? Is he doing whatever he wants in your life, while God stands by as a powerless observer?

No, that idea is completely contrary to all that Jesus taught.

God allows evil to exist in the world because he gives men and women free will, and with that power of choice, they often engage in destructive acts against others and themselves. Now that doesn't mean that your troubles are necessarily the result of something you've done. Many tragedies, like cancer or the death of a loved one, occur simply because the human body is susceptible to sickness and ultimately death. Job layoffs happen with no malicious intent on the part of the company, even though they cause much suffering for the workers.

While hurtful events may seem to happen with no cause, they can often be traced back to some decision someone made. But life is not a casino, and despite all that has happened to you, you are not a bad luck person.

Bad luck person?  Break free of a wrong idea

After many years of seeing yourself as a bad luck person, you'll have trouble believing that you're not. You'll catalog all the adversities you've suffered over the years, convinced that some fatal flaw in you attracts this kind of suffering.

Jesus' apostles looked on life the same way. On seeing a blind man, they asked Jesus who had sinned to cause such a disaster, the man himself, or his parents.

    "Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life." (John 9:3)

You may find it takes hard work to radically change how you see yourself. I battled it for years, but I can also tell you that it's well worth the struggle. When you're finally ready to discard the misbelief that you're a bad luck person, you open yourself for God to work wonders in your life.

Claiming what has always been yours

God wants you to pray with faith, believing that he can, will, and wants to change things for the better.

Getting up in the morning expecting good things to happen will begin to break this cycle. Watching for God to work in your life will soon be rewarded with blessings.

As you align yourself with God's will, by reading the Bible and following its principles, you'll be convinced that as an adopted daughter or son of God, you do have an inheritance of peace, love, and happiness.

So make it your goal to stop believing you're a bad luck person. Stop believing in luck altogether, good, bad or otherwise. Instead, ask God to show you just how much he loves you--then get ready for a new, happier outlook on life!

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