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Looking for more inspirational poems? These specially selected rhymes, haiku, and free verse will help you with your attitude adjustment.

We all get down--but we don't have to stay down. Sometimes you just need to make a U-turn with your attitude.

Take a break. Read some more inspirational poems here. Say a quick prayer. Remember that God is on your side, no matter how things may appear. There's always hope when you call on the Creator of hope!

Don't tell anybody

Don't tell anybody,
but I'm still a kid.
My body got older
but my heart never did.

I'd rather wear T-shirts
instead of fine silk,
and mix chocolate syrup
right in with my milk.

I still like to color,
I think that it's neat,
and my favorite jammies
are the ones that have feet.

I like catching snowflakes
that melt on my tongue.
Who says that's a treat
just reserved for the young?

I like watching movies
where the good guy wins,
and the bad guy (or girl) has to
pay for their sins.

I have oodles of friends
and enjoy peace of mind
because my Mom taught me
to always be kind.

I'll skip 'til arthritis
makes my young ways depart,
and then I'll continue
to skip in my heart.

When my life is over
and God sees all I did,
He'll say, "Time to be young again!
Welcome home, kid!"

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You don't have to go it alone

There are days when you stagger
and days when you fall,
and days when you can't seem
to stand up at all.

But you don't have to go it alone.
You don't have to carry the load.
You can give it to Jesus at the side of the road
You don't have to go it alone.

There are days when your heartbreak
is too much to bear
and days when you're too hurt
to offer a prayer.

But you don't have to go it alone.
You don't have to dry your own tears,
You can give them to Jesus along with your fears.
You don't have to go it alone.

Cause there's power in the blood
and true love from the cross
a companion for everyone
who's ever felt lost.

There's more healing and comfort
than you've ever known,
You don't have to go it alone.

Ridin' a grudge

I'm 'a ridin' a grudge.
It's a mighty tough chore
'cause he bucks and he snorts
like an old wild boar.

Been ridin' fer years,
and he ain't throwed me yet,
'cause I'm a miserable cuss
who just won't forget.

Grudges are different
from broncos, my friend,
ya gotta keep spurrin'
or they can just end.

Spurrin' and proddin',
like ya would a bee hive.
Ya gotta keep pokin'
to keep 'em alive.

Oh sure, it's tough work
to be ridin' a grudge.
Ya gotta be stubborn,
ya never can budge.

I got headaches and bellyaches,
and miseries galore.
But when you're ridin' a grudge,
that's all part of the score.

No time for forgivin'
it just wouldn't do.
Ya might find yerself askin',
"Hey. Who's ridin' who?"

How about you?

Gonna make some changes
that are long overdue
'cause my life isn't working.
How about you?

I'm gonna stop hating
what I see in the mirror;
gonna stop believing
the commercials I hear.

Gonna quit acting
like everybody but me.
Gonna try to be honest;
how cool will that be?

Gonna stop being nasty,
gonna start being kind.
Gonna stop giving people
a piece of my mind.

Gonna change my whole life
by changing my thinking.
Gonna stand up tall
and stop my shrinking.

Gonna stop putting off
what I know I should do.
Gonna live life for Jesus.
How about you?

Oh, those hands

How I prayed it had not happened,
longed for it to be undone.
But the truth came cold and final.
Could I live as only one?

Before I hit the ground he caught me.
Mended all my foolish plans.
Gave me hope to go on living
Oh! The strength that's in those hands.

But at night the house is silent.
Ghostly memories fill my mind
Then He reaches out to catch me
Oh, those hands so strong and kind.

Oh, those hands, how they support me,
steady me before I fall,
stroke my head with sweet compassion,
answering my wordless call.

Oh, those hands, My God Almighty!
Rescue me from life's demands
Hold me tight and give me comfort
Heal me with those nail-scarred hands.

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