Harmony is an in-tune mind

Harmony is something we don't consciously try for, but when it happens, the feeling is surprising.

Too often we think we have to be somewhere majestic, like the ocean or the mountains to experience oneness with nature, but it can happen in a city park, if you pay attention to your surroundings.

Sometimes we think too much. Our minds go a mile a minute, trying to solve this problem or that, worrying about what someone thinks of us, dredging up regrets from the past or anxiety about the future. Once in a while, it's good to remember you're part of God's creation.

In fact, you're the highest part of his creation. Only human beings can have a personal, intimate relationship with God.

Harmony is a sense of belonging. It's that beautiful rhythm you can get into with the waves, the birds, or even the quietly drifting clouds. You have to slow yourself down to join it. Once you do, you feel an odd sense of peace, in which your mind flows with what's around you.

Most of the time we're in sync with racket and chaos--horns and traffic, noisy machines, jolting music. Your system picks up on that and first thing you know, you're running on overdrive.

As agitation can overtake us unconsciously, slowing down requires a conscious effort as well. Make time. Find a place, then gradually let yourself get in touch with the flow of life.

    Tips for harmony:

  • Harmonize with nature, not human activity. God's creation can sometimes be hectic, but more often it's a slow, smooth flow with a calming beat.

  • Don't be frightened when you start to drift. When you harmonize, don't think you'll lose control. Rather, you'll have to gently brush away invading thoughts.

  • Don't confuse the creation with God. The ocean or a waterfall may be relaxing, but it's not God. He lives in your heart and can use these rhythms to soothe you.

  • Learn to harmonize for free. You don't need expensive vacations or spas to get in touch with nature. The more convenient, the better.

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