Honesty requires a regular checkup

How's your honesty level? Have you checked your "honesty dipstick" recently?

Our truthfulness is like the oil that lubricates the engine of a car. When it's full, clean, and working like it's supposed to, it keeps the engine of your life running smoothly.

But if we neglect it, if it gets dirty or runs low, problems start to occur. Instead of ensuring optimal running, the oil, (our integrity) now filled with sediment and abrasives,(exaggerations, cheating and lies) starts to damage our engine instead of help it. Left unattended, the condition only gets worse. Things start to deteriorate until the engine may come to a grinding halt.

How do we keep our ethics level high, where it should be?

First, we live by the Golden Rule. If we don't like being lied to or cheated, we shouldn't do it to others. If we want to hear the truth, we should tell the truth. We should be aboveboard in all our dealings, both personal and business.

Second, we should remember that truthfulness is a requirement for a Christian, not an option. Just as clean, high-grade oil is necessary to keep a car running right, integrity is needed if we want our relationships with others, ourselves, and God to work as they should.

Finally, we make regular checks, correct problems immediately, make amends by confessing our shortcomings to God, then accept his forgiveness and start afresh.

Life is a long and potentially troublesome journey. Truthfulness is one of the resources we have to eliminate problems of our own making. The trip will never be without bumps. But our personal integrity and honesty will make it a much more pleasant ride.

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