Freedom comes from saving

Freedom looks like this.

Just as debt is modern day slavery, freedom can be found by saving and investing your money.

Sound dull? Shaking off all those chains of debt can be one of the hardest experiences of your life, but it can be done, and with the right kind of help, you can do it. Once you're free and clear, you won't believe how light you'll feel.

But the next step is a regular, consistent savings program. "Ooooooo, that hurts", you say? "You mean actually putting money aside in a savings account, instead of spending it all--and then some--on me? What fun is that?"

The fun part comes when an emergency comes up, and believe me, it will come up. Instead of running around in circles yelling "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!", you'll turn to your rainy day fund and say "Thanks, God, for making me so smart! I am truly a whiz-bang genius."

Now that, my friend, is freedom!

It's going to take some discipline (Please, spare me any more of that "Oooo, that hurts" baloney), but you're tough, remember? You're wise, and you don't ever want to go back to those nasty chains of debt again.

What you do want, is to cut way down on your worry load, sleep better at night, not jump out of your skin when the phone rings--because it might be a bill collector--and generally live the free and relaxed life that God wants you to live.

Do you want to be a success in life? Do you want to accomplish something that very few people ever do? Then start living beneath your means and save your money. You may have some withdrawl pains at first, and the folks at the mall may wonder why you haven't paid your weekly visit to their store, but they'll survive. As you have learned by now, perhaps painfully, everything in life has a cost, especially freedom.

    You will not read anything on inspiration-for-singles that isn't the truth. This is a plea straight from my heart to you: Please pay off your debts and start saving money.

If you don't take one other thing away from your visit here, take this. Maybe all your friends spend every cent they earn and more. Maybe you'll feel left out, weird, or sad because you can't "treat" yourself.

But the more your debt goes down, the better you'll feel about yourself. And when you actually start saving your money? Your friends will have to grab your ankles to hold you down.

You'll be flying high like that bird up there, your future will look incredibly beautiful, and you'll also realize that if you can accomplish something that hard, the world better look out for you now!

Possibly the most important message on this site...

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