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The ups and downs of life."
August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013 Issue #089

Ups and downs of life challenge all singles

One of the things you've noticed as a single person is that life seems to go along smoothly only for so long, then WHAM! Something bad happens, like the muffler going out on my mini-van the other day. Yes, single friends, I do drive a 1999 Plymouth mini-van, and I happen to like it!

That nuisance was fixable with an expensive repair job. The loss of a loved one can't be fixed. Illness, unemployment, divorce and the other tragedies of life aren't so easily mended, and sometimes their scars last a lifetime.

How can we singles better cope with the ups and downs of life? How can we keep from getting the big head during those mountaintop times and how can we keep from slithering through the swamp of despair during those valley days?

It took something more profound than a noisy muffler to get me thinking about the highs and lows of life. I wondered, in our hyper-competitive society, how can we deal with whatever happens to us and guarantee that our story will have a happy ending?

Here are this month's thoughts on the ups and downs of life.

This too shall pass

Is happiness marked
in hours or days?
It visits a while
but seldom stays.

Grief seems to give us
no reprieve.
It lingers long
and will not leave.

Sun today
and storms tomorrow.
Laughter's soon
replaced by sorrow.

Whatever the trial,
we know at last,
that we can say
"This too shall pass."

This too shall pass--
our lifetime here,
and all our heartaches, pain and fear.

To be back Home
with God and friends,
to know the joy that
never ends.

~ Jack Zavada, 2013 ~

August Quote of the Month

This month's featured quotation comes from Dwight L. Moody, evangelist, author, and founder of Moody Bible Institute:

I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man.
~ Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) ~

The most challenging goal in life is not becoming a billionaire, movie star, or famous political leader. Our toughest work is conquering ourselves.

I am fully convinced that this job is impossible without the help of God. On our own, we cannot see our faults in order to correct them. We cannot see the highest good that we may do with our time and talents. Certainly, on our own we cannot get to heaven.

At times we can be our own worst enemy, but God is always our own best friend. When we cannot forgive ourselves, God forgives us. It is only through accepting God's love for us that we can finally learn to love our self and others.

Look forward to waking up every day!

The difference between dreading the alarm clock and welcoming it is hope.

True hope, based on something reliable, gives you purpose and drive. It puts the disappointments of life in the proper perspective because you know you're going to be all right.

Hope for Hurting Singles, my new ebook, shows you how to take hold of God's love for you. Once you make that change, life is never the same again.

I don't apologize for the fact that this is a Christian book, based on biblical principles. That's where my hope comes from. God is the source of our hope because he never changes and he's 100% dependable. What else can you say that about?

If you want to pull out of the doldrums, if you want to get your life back on a positive track, Hope for Hurting Singles is for you.

This is a PDF format ebook that you can read on your computer or print out. By making it an ebook, I'm able to keep the price low and make it available to you within seconds after you pay the $9.97 cost.

Want more details on what's inside this Christian guide to a happier life? Check out a full description of Hope for Hurting Singles.

Prayer: NOT a waste of time!

I got some good responses to July's feature article on how prayer can be a waste of time. Some of you said it never can be.

In my feature article, I pointed out 6 sure ways to NOT get what you pray for. When you do those things, you are wasting your time and you're sure to be frustrated.

God established prayer so we can talk directly with him, any time we need to. Can you imagine being able to just walk into your country's leader's office and say, "Hey, have you got a minute?" Ha! You'd be out on your ear.

Ironically, God is the most important being in the Universe, but he's also the most accessible. He wants to hear from you, and he speaks to you, plainly and clearly, through his Word, the Bible.

So thanks for your comments on the last issue of Inspire-O-Gram. It's always great to hear from you.

Anything on your mind?

Single people all over the world write me, in care of the web site, with their concerns and thoughts. One of the advantages of being a one-person, small web site is that the email load is not overwhelming. That allows me to respond personally to everyone.

I'm not a psychologist or trained counselor. In many situations, I tell people to seek professional help. But if there's some topic you'd like to see covered in a future Inspire-O-Gram, please drop me a line using our drip-proof contact form.

I recently had to have some new photos taken. I thought I'd include one this issue so you can see the guy who drops into your inbox every month via this newsletter.

As always, thank you for reading and for your support. Until September, remember,

Jesus is your hope,

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA

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