January 20, 2009 Issue #034

How open-minded are you?

Since you subscribe to Inspire-O-Gram, you obviously have good taste and a higher IQ than 99% of the population.

But do you also have an open mind? I don't mean, will you fall for the latest fad that comes along. Nor do I mean that you'll compromise your values and try things that are wrong. No, I'm talking about not being prejudiced.

We all like to think we're open-minded when it comes to race, se'xism and other issues, but how about something really important?

Test how open-minded you really are by reading this article...

January Quotapalooza

January's quotation comes from that sockless, combless granddaddy of the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

I may have used that quotation in Inspire-O-Gram in the past, but it's so relevant to us singles that it bears repeating. So what have you been doing in the past that has not gained the results you want? Looking for a spouse? A better job? Trying to do something creative? Trying to change a bad habit?

And do you keep doing the same thing--over and over again--and expecting different results? If it hasn't worked in the past, it's TIME TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Sorry. Didn't mean to shout, but Al was on to something.

We singles like to be safe. We can get in ruts. Getting out of our ruts can be scary. We can also be stubborn. Sometimes we don't like to take advice from anyone else, even a smart guy like me. Well, I'm smart enough to start listening to other people once in a while, at least.

Time to look at what's NOT working in your life and stop trying to fix it the same way, over and over again. Try something different in 2009. And when it finally works, you can thank Albert Einstein. Well, someday you can thank him.

Attitude adjustment

I looked close at my attitude
and found it sort of flatitude
like a bug on the windshield's splatitude,
something had to change.

So I tried a dose of gratitude
applied to this 'n thatitude
like a machine gun's rat-tat-tatitude,
things began to change.

Now throughout my daily chatitude
I'm no longer a spoiled bratitude
with a head too big for my hatitude;
my friends enjoy the change.

So if you've a stinky attitude
you should wrestle it to the matitude
overcome it in mortal combatitude,
'cause it's never too late to change!

Jack Zavada, 2009

Save mone'y, be happy!

With only one paycheck coming in, we singles have to take care of our mon.ey. A while back, I wrote an article for a helpful web site called Dumb Little Man. It's actually a very smart web site with loads of useful info. If the economy has kicked you in the slats (wherever that is), this practical article may be able to help. And even if you're in good shape, it can put you in better shape. Take a look at

10 Smartest Ways to Live Beneath Your Means...

No-sweat request

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'Til then, keep your eye on heaven and your feet on the ground!

Jack Zavada

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