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A single's safe room"
November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016 Issue #128

Why singles need a safe room

In the past several months, have you felt as if you're under attack? I know I have. Between the U.S. election campaigns and the everyday insanity of our world, I sometimes felt overwhelmed.

This month's feature article is about a way to retreat from the nonsense: how singles can build a safe room. I'm not talking about nails and lumber. I'm talking about how to find safety in God.

This is not an original idea, I must confess. It appears throughout the Bible, most notably in the Psalms. David talked about finding a stronghold in God. We singles need to learn how to do that too.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting we turn into hermits or zone out from the world around us. But we do need to get refreshed and calmed in God's presence. I'm using the metaphor of a safe room because many of you may be familiar with it from TV shows and movies.

God is the source of truth. He can cleanse your mind, as well as your soul. His Word, the Bible, helps us understand what's real. He is your safe room where things make sense once again.

Let's see how singles can enter into God's safe room.

I find my peace in you

Every day the world's crazier,
and people get lazier
while I'm working hard.

I'm tired to the bone,
as I sit here alone.
Inside and out I am scarred.

There is only one thing
that makes my soul sing.
Knowing you're waiting for me.

You are my life
apart from the strife,
the one place that I want to be.

I find my peace in you,
a haven for my weary heart.
A place to run
when the day is done
and my world is falling apart.

I find my peace in you
the hope I so sorely need.
A safe retreat
a love so sweet
to heal my broken heart.

I find my peace in you,
rest for my aching soul.
You soothe my pain
I'm all right again.
I find my peace in you.

~ Jack Zavada, 2016 ~

Whitall Smith is November's quote lady

November's Quote of the Month comes from Hannah Whitall Smith, author of the two Christian classics, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, and The God of All Comfort:

Our lives are full of supposes. Suppose this should happen, or suppose that should happen; what could we do; how could we bear it? But, if we are living in the high tower of the dwelling place of God, all these supposes will drop out of our lives. We shall be quiet from the fear of evil, for no threatenings of evil can penetrate into the high tower of God.
~ Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) ~

Mrs. Whitall Smith was talking, in effect, about a safe room, the theme of this month's Inspire-O-Gram. God helps us keep things in their proper perspective because he is eternal, and because Jesus gives Christians eternal life.

What will all these so-called "crises" matter a thousand years from now? Our life on earth is like a mist, the Bible says, here for a while then gone. We are important, yes, precious in the eyes of God, but we can trust in him when worries assault us. Don't fill your mind with uncertainties. Focus instead on the sureness of God.

Why did Jesus talk so much about money?

One of the odd truths about the gospels is Jesus Christ spent a lot of time talking about money. He knew, no matter how much things change, money would always be a problem for human beings. It still is today.

It's not so much a question of getting more money but rather managing the money you do have. That's what my ebook, How to Master Your Money is all about.

You'll get a Christian perspective on the wise use of money. How to Master Your Money is not about bookkeeping, accounting, or the stock market. It's about attitude. You'll receive

  • A new sense of freedom;
  • A better realization of what you trade for every purchase you make;
  • A new confidence in your ability to control your spending;
  • A clear understanding of what money cannot do;
  • A mature attitude toward money and its place in your life.
  • How to Master Your Money costs only $4.97 and comes with four special reports.

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    Need a laugh? Read these quotes!

    One of the bennies of being boss-man of this newsletter is I get to put in whatever I want, and there's no grouchy editor saying, "Are you nuts, Zavada?"

    So this month I thought a laugh would help. Here are some funny quotations I dug up:

    The universe consists of 5% protons, 5% neutrons, 5% electrons and 85% morons.
    Frank Zappa

    It's almost impossible to dislike me, because I do nothing.
    Jack Paar

    If you stop eating doughnuts you will live three years longer, but it’s just three more years that you’ll want a doughnut.
    Lewis Black

    People who read the tabloids deserve to be lied to.
    Jerry Seinfeld

    I like a woman with a head on her shoulders. I hate necks.
    Steve Martin

    The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again.
    George Miller

    The last time I saw him he was walking down lover's lane holding his own hand.
    Fred Allen

    If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.
    Abraham Lincoln

    My thanksgiving lesson for you

    This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a national holiday when families gather together to give thanks to God for all their blessings. Well, at least those of us who believe in God. I don't know who unbelievers give thanks to; probably themselves. Ha! Good luck with that.

    But here's a short lesson I have for singles in their 20s and 30s. I'll try not to get preachy. Through those decades, I was so obsessed with not having a spouse that it colored my entire outlook on life. I became resentful, bitter, even. On Thanksgiving holidays I focused on the one good thing I didn't have, rather on the many good things I did have. Boy, was I dumb.

    Please don't let that happen to you. I know it hurts and hurts deeply much of the time, but don't overlook the blessings you have in your family, friends, your job, and the material things that make your life easier. If you're a Christian, thank God for Jesus and your salvation.

    I'll say a prayer for all of you on Thanksgiving--if you'll promise to say one for me, too. Let's pray for healing and to be able to appreciate God's goodness toward us. If you need a little extra boost, try this article I wrote a while back on avoiding bitterness.

    My email inbox is always open to your comments and questions. You can use either the secure, cranberry-free contact form or email me at

    We're heading into that difficult Christmas season, always a tough time for singles. In our December issue I'll have a few tips to address that. But until then, take a vacation from what's bothering you and try to enjoy the season. You can do it if you try.

    God bless, fellow singleton, and keep the faith!

    Jack Zavada
    401 Indiana Ave
    Streator, IL 61364 USA

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