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Best kind of riches"
October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015 Issue #115

These riches will make you more joyful

One of my goals in this newsletter is to help you become a more joyful single. In this issue, I'll show you how to take advantages of the unlimited riches every person can possess.

Of course I'm talking about spiritual riches, not monetary riches. If you think that's dishonest of me, you'll learn in October's feature article about the overwhelming benefits to spiritual wealth over the financial kind.

I am not exaggerating when I say this perspective will make such a change in your life that it will literally mean the difference between living fulfilled or living dissatisfied and always grasping for something out of your reach.

This concept is not original with me. It comes from Solomon, in the book of Ecclesiastes, but it was fully developed by Jesus of Nazareth. If you read his words in the gospels closely, you'll find he spends a surprising amount of time talking about money. He also talks about spiritual riches. Which one do you think he favors?

As a lifelong Bible reader, I had an inkling about this truth in my twenties but didn't really get it until I was in my forties. Let me tell you it's so, so important to the single life that I can't emphasize it enough.

Again, my age and experience work for you on this. I didn't have the maturity to fully jump into it at an earlier age. Don't make the same mistake I did. Give it some serious thought now. Let this article soak in for a week or so. Then take action.

Here's the truth I learned about the best kind of riches.

In heaven

There's no cash in heaven,
not a penny to be seen.
From pearly gates to streets of gold
and everywhere between.

Nobody has an ego,
nobody fights for fame.
But when He sees you walking by,
Jesus knows your name.

You won't find corporate ladders,
or snobby clubs up there.
Everyone is equal,
and everyone's an heir.

Everyone you meet's a friend.
Nobody feels alone.
Love flows like a river
coming from the Savior's throne.

There's no need for money;
it doesn't have a place.
But everyone is rich there,
wealthy in God's grace.

~ Jack Zavada, 2015 ~

Rich guy Templeton has October's quote

Sir John Marks Templeton, famous investor, philanthropist, and member of the Presbyterian Church gives us October's quotation of the month:

I focus on spiritual wealth now, and I'm busier, more enthusiastic, and more joyful than I have ever been.
~ John Templeton (1912-2008) ~

Templeton made billions of dollars during his lifetime but learned that the best investment is in the kingdom of God. He died at age 95 and could not take one penny with him. What he did take was his relationship with Jesus Christ.

When you're young, all you can think about is money, fame, and pleasure. But you only have to look at celebrities who have all those things and see that they're hollow people. There's no there there. Time and again I've observed that the people I admire most are not rich; they're godly. They're kind, compassionate, giving.

In my own life, money never brought me peace of mind. The minor fame I achieved through writing didn't help when I was battling cancer. My bank account couldn't comfort me when I felt lonely and scared. But Jesus could--and did.

Understand now what truly matters in life, single friend. Put your hope in God, not the things of this world. God's love is what matters.

How to make the most of what you earn

Making your paycheck go farther is one of the most satisfying skills you can learn. It's a real challenge to get good value, occasionally treat yourself, and still be able to save. How to Master Your Money shows you how to do all that and more.

One of the most worthwhile secrets you'll learn in this 52-page ebook is the subtle ways stores and commercials manipulate you into buying, even when you don't want to. You'll be able to resist their tricks and keep more money in your pocket. You'll cut through the hype and advertising to make wise purchases at the best price.

How to Master Your Money yanks you off the treadmill of trying to impress others and puts you on the path of thoughtful spending.

What you won't find are boring charts and complicated theories. This is practical, down-to-earth advice, written in a conversational style.

Because I'm a world class bargain hunter, I priced this PDF format ebook at only $4.97! That's cheap, and it comes with an 8-week money back guarantee.

Get all the details on How to Master Your Money.

Living the abundant life -- on a budget!

"With spiritual maturity comes wisdom, that invaluable ability to discern between what is true and what is not. The spiritually mature person sees through status symbols and realizes God is not impressed by them.

"That's really what it comes down to: whether we're concerned with trusting in God or trusting in money."

Yoiks! That's laying it on the line, from this article on Living the abundant life. Many years ago I knew some people who were obsessed with impressing others. They rode around in expensive cars and wore fancy clothes. The odd thing was other folks in town didn't seem to like them because they flaunted their wealth.

We take so many gifts for granted, from our health to our food to our home, however humble it is. Every bit of freedom we enjoy is precious. Simple things bring much joy; learn to be thankful for them--today!

Try Living the Abundant Life.

Is the Prosperity Gospel true?

You've seen them on TV. They're the preachers who say if you plant a "seed" donation with them, God will prosper you. You'll have health and wealth.

Oh, they make it sound biblical, with Scripture verses they pull out of context. Do this or that, they claim, and God is obligated to bless you.

Say what?

No! That's not how it works. Godly, obedient people often get sick. Saints who walk with Jesus daily sometimes go broke. All those rules of the prosperity preachers would have us believe we can make God obey us. That's totally backwards!

Remember the prayer secrets in last month's newsletter? We cannot manipulate God.

Be smart. Learn why the Prosperity Gospel is a lie.

Do you go to church? Let me know

I'm curious how many Inspire-O-Gram readers belong to a church and attend on a regular basis. Hearing the Word of God preached every week gives you spiritual nourishment and keeps you growing.

I attend Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, pictured here, in Streator, Illinois, USA. I'm one of 10 elders, which means I help serve communion and serve on a board that sees to the well-being of the pastor and his family.

Please drop me an email about the name of your church and its location and how often you attend. Just use our easy contact form or email me at If you're a Christian and don't attend church, I'd like to hear from you too, with your reason, just for some research I'm doing. I won't pester you--I promise!

WARNING: If you live in a country where Christianity is banned, DO NOT participate in this survey. The government may be monitoring your email and I do NOT want any harm to come to you.

In November we enter the winter holiday season in the U.S. already. Time is zipping by fast. We'll have an article coming up on how singles can prepare for the holidays, so they don't hit you upside the head and get you down in the dumps.

Until next month, practice gratitude for the many small things in your life. The more you focus on the good, the less power the bad has over you.

God bless,

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA

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