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Bet your life on these constants"
October 13, 2020

October 13, 2020 Issue #175

Hi. Welcome to the October Inspire-O-Gram. I think we have some encouraging material for you this month:

What never changes?

What never changes in a world that seems to have a new crisis every day?

That's what we're going to learn about in this month's feature article, and it's especially important to us single folks because we don't have a spouse to rely on. And from what I've heard, spouses can be pretty changeable too.

Not only do these three constants never change, but they're 100 percent true and reliable, which is more than I can say for most of the news reports we hear today. They're immune from spin. Even before newspapers, radio, TV and Internet, they set the standard for truth.

If you're feeling confused or stressed these days, you can grab onto this and it will pull you through any life crisis. Find out what never changes.

Look here

What can I believe
when the answer's not clear?
So many voices
telling me to 'Look here.'

I can't lose this feeling
I've got something to fear.
Don't know what it is
but they tell me 'Look here.'

'Look here! Look here!'
as they steal my attention.
They're selling me fear
then they're selling prevention.
There's no peace of mind
for me anywhere near.
When everyone's shouting
'Look here! Look here!'

I remembered a message
that was sweet and sincere,
a calm presence whispered,
'Be still and look here.'

I opened my Bible
and the truth did appear.
If you're searching for comfort, friend,
stop, and look here.

~ Jack Zavada,, 2020 ~

We singles share a secret…

This solitary life has many painful moments. And some of them drag on for months, even years. As much as we try to stay optimistic, we singles find it hard to avoid depression, frustration, and the negative emotions that go with them.

While some problems require professional help and medication, we can manage many of them ourselves. That's what Hope for Hurting Singles is about.

I'm not a psychologist or a self-help guru. The solutions you'll find in this book rely on two things: old fashioned common sense and the tender love of Jesus Christ.

You see, I tried a lot of fixes in my 45+ years as a single person. In Hope for Hurting Singles, I tell you about all the ones that work (so you can try them) and the ones that don't work (so you can avoid them). In a way, I served as my own guinea pig in a lifelong experiment to discover a happier life.

Hope for Hurting Singles is not a dry, scientific text. It's more like a conversation with a trusted friend. After you finish it, I want you to say, "That helped me. It really was worthwhile."

I've even made the entire first chapter on Loneliness available F'REE, right here, so you can see for yourself how practical this book is. Hope for Hurting Singles' positive perspective will realign your attitude with God's saving love for you—not just for salvation but for all the problems that come along, like

  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Shyness
  • Procrastination
  • Low self-esteem

Order your copy today and find out what God wants to do for you. The paperback edition is $10.99 and the Kindle version is $3.99.

Winkie's back—with our October QOTM!

Winkie Pratney, author, youth pastor and evangelist from New Zealand returns to Inspire-O-Gram with October's Quote of the Month:

Trust God or die.
~ Winkie Pratney (1944 - ) ~

Whoa! You can't get much more blunt than that. But Winkie is absolutely correct. People who don't trust God die thousands of mini-deaths as they struggle through life on their own power. Our own power isn't enough; that's why people turn to alcohol and drugs.

Those who don't trust Jesus Christ for their salvation will, sadly, die eternally in hell. The Bible is clear. Hell exists and Jesus spoke of it often. No, a loving God does not send people to hell. They send themselves there by refusing the gift of rescue Jesus provides.

If you're not a Christian, it's time to trust Jesus. It's simple. Heaven is God's party, but nobody crashes it. Only followers of Jesus get in. Here's where to get your invitation.

Meanwhile, singles' problems don't just go away

Lately I've been focusing on the pandemic, political nastiness and the economy, but the problems we all faced as singles before this craziness didn't magically go away.

We still have those problems. One of them is disability. I am not physically disabled, but I have been so ill I needed help walking. I have had cancer twice so I do know something about health challenges, and as I approach 70, there are many activities I used to enjoy that I don't have the strength or energy for now.

Someone once said that we're all disabled, some of us on the inside rather than on the outside. The Bible confirms that we're broken people, sinners. The once-and-for-all solution to that problem is Jesus Christ. That's why I talk about him so much in this newsletter.

Many years ago I wrote a tribute to my father, John R. Zavada, to inspire disabled singles, but I think it's good reading for anyone who needs a lift. This September, my mother and I marked the 25th anniversary of his passing. He was my hero and role model, and I still miss him every day.

If you could use some inspiration right now, please take a few minutes to read how my Dad conquered his disability and life.

Make good use of your time while waiting

Arrggh! When you're single, you're always waiting for something. Now everybody's waiting for this pandemic to get over so we can fully enjoy life again.

As I often point out, the clock and calendar don't wait for anybody. They keep moving. And we should keep moving, too. I've found that the busier I keep myself, the faster time goes, especially waiting time. I took up a new hobby a few years ago: landscape painting. I attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in the last century and minored it Art, but lately I've been teaching myself, and I enjoy the challenge. It doesn't burn up many calories, but at least I've got something to show for it when I'm finished.

Winter's coming for most of us. We'll be indoors more. If you don't have a hobby you look forward to, here are a few tips on how to choose one. Speaking of waiting, one of the hardest things we have to do as singles is wait on God. There's a lot of controversy over whether we should step out in faith or whether we should delay until God gives us a clear sign. Here are some thoughts about the dilemma of waiting on God.

I hope you found this newsletter helpful. If you'd like to email a comment, please use our secure contact form.

That's it for our October issue. Thanks for reading,.

God bless and stay well!

Jack Zavada

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