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Contentment for singles"
September 14, 2022

September 2022 Issue 198

Contentment: Know what matters

Contentment. What single is pursuing that goal?

We chase after happiness, fun, excitement, and even security, but contentment sounds dull and boring. The idea of being of being pleased with what we've got and who we are is completely alien to us.

Never in history have people had so many material possessions while at the same time feeling so hollow.

Single friend, this month we're going to take a time-out so you can study what really matters in life. This newsletter is all about clear thinking. Prepare to focus your brain cells on a matter of prime importance. Let's get to this month's feature article on contentment.

If not for Him

If not for Him
where would I be?
All by myself
in misery.
When suffering comes
He comforts me.
If not for Him,
where would I be?

Because I could not
pay the Cost,
I would be there
among the lost.

I might be locked
in a dreary cell.
I could be wandering
the halls of hell.

He gives me strength
and helps me cope.
His resurrection
gives me hope.

I am so thankful
He's my friend.
His grace
will save me in the end.

If not for Him,
where would I be?
That awful day on Calvary,
He hung there cursed
upon a tree.
He bore the punishment
meant for me.
If not for Him,
where would I be?

If not for Him,
where would you be?

~ Jack Zavada,, 2022 ~

A different approach to loneliness

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  • The empowering truth about loneliness.

Outsmarting Loneliness is a down-to-earth manual on how to take charge of your emotions and find a happier life. Find out what works and what doesn't. If you're fed up with being miserable, this is the book for you.

Two versions of Outsmarting Loneliness are available: the PDF edition, readable on any device that has the f'ree Adobe Acrobat Reader app or other PDF reader app, for only $7.97, and a Kindle edition, only $2.99.

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QOTM: Hockey player shoots, scores!

His name is Paul Henderson, and he was a professional hockey player in the U.S. and Canada from 1962-1981. After retiring, he founded a men's ministry in Ontario called LeaderImpact and gave speeches to business people across the country. Here's September's Quote of the Month:

Contentment does not come from achievement. It comes from a relationship with the Lord.
~ Paul Henderson (1943 - ) ~

Henderson earned all kinds of awards and trophies in his career. I'm sure he treasures them, but he gets his fulfillment from serving God. The things of this world rust and fade away, while our bond with Jesus Christ lasts for eternity.

Disappointments happen. Sometimes pain can last for years. Thankfully, the never-ending love of Jesus puts all things in their proper perspective. When we finally arrive home with him, he will heal all our hurts. He is the God Who Makes Things Right.

Are we there yet?

We are and we aren't—there yet.

You don't need me to tell you our present situation isn't heaven. There's plenty of horrible things happening to dispel that notion.

But the good news is that when you believed in Jesus Christ as Savior, your eternal life started that very moment, in the here and now, and will go on…well, forever!

When our earthly body dies, our soul goes right on living. If we can use the parable of the rich man and Lazarus as a guide (Luke 16:19-31), angels will escort us straight to heaven.

How should that truth change us single folks? It should make us less afraid, because our salvation is assured. It should make us more contented, because the biggest issue of life (What happens when I die?) has already been settled for us.

It should make us eager to tell others Jesus wants them with him for eternity too, and he did everything they need to get there. How could anyone turn down an offer like that?

Why God is unfair

When you run the Universe, you don't have to take orders from anybody. You can be unfair and nobody can do a thing about it.

We singles look up and think, "This isn't right. This isn't fair." And many times, we're correct. Life isn't fair. Bad things happen to you and me, and as Christians, we see wicked people prospering and wonder what's going on. The world surely isn't the way it should be.

There's an ugly reason for that.

The Fall, Adam and Eve's original sin, spoiled things for every succeeding generation, including you and me. Not only did we inherit a sinful nature, but planet Earth got ruined in the process. In the past 20 years or so, things have gotten worse and worse.

If you don't follow Jesus, that would be a valid reason to despair. For us believers, however, we can actually rejoice that God is unfair. Why?

I wrote a special article explaining how God's unfairness is the best thing that could ever happen to us. Take a few minutes to read it and see if you agree.

See you later, Louie

On August 19, Louie, my dog and constant companion for 10 years, died from complications of kidney failure.

If you've ever had to euthanize a terminally ill pet, you know what a heartbreaking experience that is. But he couldn't get better, only worse.

Louie was a sweet, gentle, mixed breed dog whose greatest joy in life was getting petted. He was a magnet for affection. Everybody in my neighborhood knew and liked Louie.

I believe Louie was a gift from God. He helped me get through many hard times, including the death of my brother three years ago. Lou's simple love brightened my life, and I loved him back.

Theologians say dogs don't have souls like we do, so they don't go to heaven. Martin Luther disagreed. He thought dogs do go to heaven. I asked Jesus to give me my dog back when I cross over, and I believe He will. If heaven is perfect, Louie and I will be together again there.

Thank you for reading the newsletter this month, single friend. I pray you found something helpful in it. My personal email inbox is always open to your comments, which are forwarded directly to me through our secure contact form.

We're heading into autumn, then the hectic holiday season. Jesus is with us in every season of our life, good and bad. Thank him today for his immense love for you. Until October,

Jack Zavada
PS: Not a Christian? Find out how to become one!

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