March 20, 2012 Issue #072

The #1 happiness mistake is...

What is the #1 mistake single people make when it comes to happiness?

It's putting conditions on your happiness. In other words, "I'll be happy when…" By thinking we can't be happy until everything is perfect or we get everything we want, we miss out on so much along the way.

Many of us say, "I'll be happy when I get married," but what if you don't get married? And if you do, isn't that a tremendous burden to put on your spouse, making them responsible for your happiness?

As I often say, the clock is ticking on all of us, and a day lost cannot be regained. Postponing our happiness is postponing life. We all need to become "happiness hunters," searching out anything (clean) we can find to make us happy. These daily joys don't need to be huge and they don't have to cost money. You can find them all around you if you train yourself.

Here are some ways to avoid placing conditions on your happiness…"

Simple happiness

Under a mushroom,
up in the sky.
Sometimes in
the tears you cry.

A bowl of soup,
a slice of bread.
Your favorite pillow,
a cozy bed.

The smile of a dog,
the warmth of a cat.
Making someone laugh
with a silly hat.

A gift that's given,
instead of received.
A loved one in heaven,
a good life grieved.

Down through the years
it's always there.
If you know where to look,
if your life is a prayer.

The simple happiness
of God's own touch.
A small thing, really,
that means so much.

~ Jack Zavada, 2012 ~

Real answers to tough questions

Is God real? Where is God when bad things happen? Are Christians stupid? Why are so many Christians hypocrites?

If you're a Christian, you've heard these questions before. Maybe you've even asked them yourself. If you're not Christian, you may wonder why in the world anyone does follow the Christian faith. is a web site that answers these questions and more, in a clear, logical way.

Site creator Rich Deem is a research scientist who is a committed Christian. I guarantee you'll appreciate his well thought-out answers to the toughest questions Christians, atheists, and agnostics ask. Pay a visit to

March Quotopalooza

March's quotation comes from Ella Wheeler Wilcox, an American poet whose works are often quoted and reprinted:

The truest greatness lies in being kind,
the truest wisdom in a happy mind.

~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919) ~

My parents were strong believers in kindness. They treated each other gently and treated my brother and me with generosity and love. I have tried to live my life by the Golden Rule and attempt to be kind to everyone I encounter.

I know from my own experience that treating people with kindness and respect brings happiness, not only to them, but to me, too. We are all valuable in the eyes of God, but many do not feel that way.

And to have a happy mind, to see happiness and help others enjoy it, is the truest wisdom, as Mrs. Wilcox said.

The $8 loneliness treatment

An $8 haircut? No way. An $8 tank of gas for your car? Ha! An $8 meal in a nice sit-down restaurant? Fat chance!

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Highway to Happyville

Here are some random jokes, bizarre facts, and other nonsense to make you smile as we take our one-year journey together from Frown Town to Happyville:


Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

Atheism: The religion devoted to the worship of one’s own smug sense of superiority.

Dust: Mud with the juice squeezed out.

Jokes (in Italics) and strange facts:

  • You're never too old to learn something stupid.
  • Grover Cleveland answered the White House phone, personally.
  • I'm busier than a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest.
  • Close to 3 billion movie tickets are sold in India every year.
  • Time is a great healer, but a terrible beautician.
  • Paul Cezanne had a parrot who he taught to say, "Cezanne is a great painter."
  • I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges.
  • Salvador Dali once arrived to an art exhibition in a limousine filled with turnips.
  • If the cops arrest a mime do they tell him that he has the right to remain silent?
  • What is listed as the hair color on a driver's license of a bald headed man?
  • Some days it's not worth chewing through the straps.

Every rose has thorns

Every rose has thorns, every life has tears. But as singles we need to focus on the good things, the "roses" in our life, instead of the thorns.

Nobody wants to marry a grump, not even another grump! Being a happier, optimistic person makes you more attractive spouse material--and what could be wrong with that?

Remember, if you'd like to drop us an email, just use our polyunsaturated contact form.

That winds up our March issue. Watch your inbox in April for an all-new edition of Inspire-O-Gram!

Until then, hunt up some happiness, fellow singleton!

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA