May 26, 2009 Issue #038

The biggest surprise in heaven

What will be the biggest surprise in heaven?

For single people, the answer to that question may be even more stunning than we could ever hope. I don't need to tell you that living the single life is hard--although I do seem to keep telling you that. Sorry.

Heaven is not pie-in-the-sky, a fantasy land, just something pleasant to think about. Heaven is real, because Jesus Christ is real, and he told us it's our true home.

Even if you don't believe in God, please take a look at this month's featured article. For single people, the answer to "What will be the the biggest surprise in heaven?" is perfectly logical. Take a look...

May Quote-a-palooza

May's quote comes from Martin Luther, one of the architects of the Protestant Reformation. Luther had his faults, as all of us do, but on most things, he was dead right. Check out what he said about heaven:

"If you're not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there."
Martin Luther (1483-1546)

I recently read that the happiest being in existence is God. It's a strange thought, but it makes perfect sense. Father, Son and Holy Spirit love one another perfectly, they are in perfect harmony of wills, and they are perfectly holy.

We singles can take a lesson from them. We can't be perfect, of course, but we can all strive to love God, align our will with his, and seek holiness.

That's a tall order, but I'm guessing even a little progress in it could make a person pretty darn happy. Happy enough to laugh here, and in heaven.

Singles and money

How to Master Your Money: The Single's Guide to Taking Control of Your Finances is my new ebook, available now.

You'll find this advice especially helpful in our current economic situation. Much of the book centers on why you spend and how to change your attitude toward money. As always, this is practical, real-world stuff.

The best part? I priced it low, low, at only $4.97. Yep, that's right--less than one combo meal at McYou-Know-Where. So take a quick visit and get the full story...

You can't pick the lock

"Religion's for suckers," I heard him pronounce,
"There's ain't no such thing as God."
Then why does he use that name when he swears?
His reasoning struck me as odd.

You can live your life like your pants are on fire,
Do whatever your glands say to do,
But sooner or later your ticker stops ticking
and it all catches up with you.

Oh, you're all pretty clever
just thinking you'll never
find yourselves in desperate straits.
But what you don't know
is there's fire down below.
And you can't pick the lock
on those old pearly gates.

I know whoopin' it up is a whole lot of fun,
just living your life to excess.
But when it comes time for paying the price
they don't take American Express.

So get yourself right if you've got any smarts,
the time to 'fess up is today.
You don't want to go where the climate is hot
and end up as a human souffle.

Oh, you're all pretty clever,
but you won't live forever,
and life discombobulates.
So before time is spent
kneel down and repent.
'Cause you can't pick the lock
on those old pearly gates.

--Jack Zavada, 2009--

Thanks to those of you who offered condolences and sympathy on the death of my dog, Charlie. If you've ever owned a pet, you understand. I'm catching up on some work now, but someday I may get another dog.

Like people, our pets have individual personalities. Cairn Terriers, by nature, are aloof and even stand-offish, but Charlie loved to get petted, and he was a sweet, loving little dog.

I appreciate the kind thoughts of everyone who took a minute to write. And by the way, if you ever want to get in touch with us, just use our noncombustible contact form.

So, that's the May issue of Inspire-O-Gram. I hope you found something helpful. Until the June issue,

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