November 23, 2010 Issue #056

You don't have to be American to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Hi, fellow singletons! Welcome to the November Inspire-O-Gram newsletter.

Thursday, November 25th, is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, when we thank God for all the good things in our life.

But you don't have to live in the USA to celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, you should be thankful every day of the year, no matter where you live. If you give it some thought, you do have trainloads of things to be grateful for.

To get you in the mood, let's kick this newsletter off with our November poem:

The Thanksgiving Song

So happy just to be here now
with all you smiling faces,
and even with the grouchy ones there
squatting in their places.

Don't talk about no downer stuff
and all the things you lost.
Try drownin' out your sorrows
with a hit of cranberry sauce.

Too many single dinners, yeah
will like to fry your brain
like the aunt there in the corner
who lives just to complain.

So put away your politics
and talkin' 'bout the war
and take some time to tell the folks
what you are thankful for.

Oh, thanks 'cause Batman's got my back,
Thanks for Twinkies, my favorite snack.
Thanks for turnin' off the news,
Thanks for Tylenol
and Grandma's tattoos.

Thanks for J.B. and the Famous Flames,
Alison, Sierra, and Sweet Baby James.
Crock pot, Bunn and microwave.
Elvis, Ricky, and Sam and Dave.

Flannel pajamas and bifocal glasses,
pecan pie with sorghum molasses.
The fact that I'm a natural man
and the looks I get in my minivan.

Mama's green bean casserole.
And thank you, Jesus,
for saving my soul.

Jack Zavada - 2010

This stuff keeps the lights lit!

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Single & Sure is the big one, more than 240 pages so jammy packed with singleton wisdom that your head will smart after you read it. And then it will quit smarting and you'll just be smart. That's because there's 40 years worth of experience and tips in here that I learned, organized, then summarized, just for you.

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For the cost of a couple lattes, you'll get so wise. You'll get instant maturity, already. Here are the details on Single & Sure...

Try this on yourself, too!

We're all carrying a heavy load, friends, so why make life tougher than it has to be?

Reach out a hand and lift somebody else up. We singles know what it's like to feel down. That's why we should be empathetic to other folks who are suffering. That was one of Jesus' most beautiful qualities. He never passed up an opportunity to help.

And while you're at it, show the same kindness to yourself. If God loves you, that's the supreme compliment. After all, who has better taste than God?

So take a look at this month's thoughts about compassion...

November Quotododo

Sometimes it's hard to be kind, especially to nasty people. Our gut reaction is to snap back at them. But what does that get? Only more hurt.

I chose our November quotation from Nathaniel Branden, author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. If you haven't read it, check it out of your local library or get it through inter-library loan. It's a very worthwhile book, especially for singles.

"There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity."
Nathaniel Branden (1930 - present)

The miserable people of the world lash out, trying to pull others down into their suffering. You be a confident, solid single instead. Treat others with kindness. They'll be shocked. And even if they don't say it, they will be oh so grateful.

Something to remember...

When the Christian life isn't going well, it's easy to feel down.

People make fun of us. We see others succeeding by lying and cheating. We get so darn weary from the struggle. If you ever feel that way, here's something to remember...

This year I'm thankful, also, for all of you who prayed for me when I was fighting prostate cancer. My 6-month radioactive seed treatment ended in October, and my two doctors recently told me that my test results look excellent! Thanks to God, and thanks to you for your support. You really came through for me.

As always, if you'd like to comment on this issue, just drop me a note using our anti-matter-free contact form.

Thanks for reading, fellow singletons. I hope you found something helpful in this issue. Wow! Christmas will soon be here. Until December, then, don't forget...

Kindness heals,

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA