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Issue #005, August 23, 2006

Howdy! Welcome to Inspire-O-Gram, the newsletter to help you thrive in the single--or married--life.

This month's inspirational quote is from the book The Power of Realistic Thinking, by Donald W. McCullough:

"The God revealed in Jesus Christ is a God of surprises."

At, we don't try to hide our love for Jesus Christ. If you feel the same way, here's a new poem you might be able to identify with:

You helped me up

I can't count all the times
I have stumbled and fallen
over things I put in my own way.
But You helped me up,
got me trying again,
and gave me hope
I could get through the day.

When the one whom I loved
was so cruelly taken,
that I lost all desire to pray.
Then You helped me up,
You gave me a purpose,
and kept me from going astray.

You helped me up
out of life's darkest valleys
when the others
all wandered away.
You helped me up
with Your life-giving promise
that we'll be together...
some day.

Do you think you've used up all your chances in life? Do you think God has written you off? Do you think you're too set in your ways or too scared to make a fresh start?

That's the theme of this issue: The God of Second Chances. You'll find this truth throughout the Bible, which means it applies to your life too, if you're willing to let God prove it to you.

It's always too early to throw in the towel. Check out this brand new article about the God of Second Chances.

The kids are returning to the school across the street from my house to begin a new year. How about you?

Deep, deep down in your heart, is there something you want to do--or do over? Is there something you've been afraid to try, because you haven't asked God to help you?

Great! Then take a look at how to make a fresh start.

As usual, let's end with The Rut Disruptor, Inspire-O-Gram's exclusive tool for change. Here are this month's questions to think about:

  • Am I plodding along, shackled by the belief that "this is as good as my life is ever going to get"?

  • Do I believe that God is a God of second chances?

  • If I had the chance to start over, what would I change?

  • Can I, in some way, make a fresh start?

If you're looking for some worthwhile Christian reading to help you experience The God of Second Chances, see our reading list at Life Changing Bibles and books.

A trainload of thanks for visiting! See you again next month!

Hoping you're thriving,

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA