August 25, 2009 Issue #041

Neglect yourself at
your own risk

We singles do some strange things. Like sabotage ourselves. We may be looking for a spouse or friends, yet we let our appearance slip to the point that we're often mistaken for a homeless person.

NG (not good). You owe it to yourself to take pride in how you look--all the time. What's easiest or most comfortable isn't always what's most attractive. Do you really want to get married wearing a sweatsuit? And what was your hair stylist smoking when she gave you that 'do?

Okay, fellow singletons. Here are some bad things that happen to good people when you neglect yourself...

August Quotestravaganza

August's quotation comes from Park Cousins, whom I couldn't find anything about, except that he or she spouted a couple pithy quotations, like this:

"How things look on the outside of us depends on
how things are on the inside of us."

Park Cousins

Many folks are good at putting on a happy front, but most of us reflect our feelings on our face. If we generally feel bad about ourselves, that's often reflected in our clothing and grooming. There's a school of thought that says if you look good, you'll feel good.

I don't buy that 100 percent, but I do know that nice clothes, a snappy hairdo (in my case there's not much to work with), and even a smile can work wonders.

Don't add to any interior problems with a funky exterior. Give it a try. Spiff up the outside, and who knows? The inside may just follow!

Brains instead of willpower

You've got a first-rate mind. The fact that you subscribe to Inspire-O-Gram proves that!

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Find out the full details at Outsmarting Loneliness...

Hey, I don't care

I don't worry 'bout clothes,
don't worry 'bout hair,
gave up on trying.
Hey, I don't care.

Oh, I don't care
what they think of me.
I'm a walkin',
talkin' calamity.
My hair is lookin'
kinda funny farmy,
I wear clothes rejected
by the Salvation Army.

Around my pits is
a skunky ol' haze
'cause I ain't washed up
in a couple of days.

But I don't care.
Hey, I don't care
if folks yell at me
"Get away from there."
My shirt is dribbled with
lunchtime chow.
I'm the human version
of a garbage scow.

But I don't care.
Hey, I don't care
if I'm sloppy and baggy
and smell kinda funky.
I got the table manners
of a ring-tailed monkey.

Yeah, some folks care
and some folks don't.
Some clean up
and others won't.
All wrinkled and gray
playin' solitaire,
still mumblin' to themselves,
"Hey, I don't care."

--Jack Zavada, 2009--

For all us slumpers

Okay, I'm guilty. I've had a lifelong posture problem and constantly have to monitor myself to stand up straight. I'm a slumper. Don't confuse that with being a slacker.

Many years ago, I was convinced it had to do with low self-worth. But since God has repaired that in me and I still have a tendency to slump, I'll have to find another excuse. I'm working on that.

Here are a few thoughts on what other people assume from your posture...

Oh, yeah?

That concludes the August issue of Inspire-O-Gram, and I hope you found something worthwhile for you in it. Don't forget there are more than 275 pages of articles, poems, quotations, and f'reebies at

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Until September, fellow singletons, thanks for reading and God bless YOU!

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